Detailed automotive high-voltage copper core cable wire processing applications

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Detailed automotive high-voltage copper core cable wire processing applications
Posting date : Mar 25, 2024
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There are two main types of metal wires in automotive cable harnesses: copper and aluminum. The use of these metal wires in automotive cable harnesses involves many aspects such as current transmission, signal transmission, and protection.

First of all, copper wire is one of the most commonly used metal wires in automotive cable harnesses. Copper wire conducts electricity very well and can withstand high currents, so it is often used in electric vehicles to connect high-power circuits such as electric motors, battery packs, and charging systems. In addition, copper wire also has good corrosion resistance and reliability, and can operate stably for a long time in harsh environments.

Secondly, aluminum wire is another commonly used metal wire for automotive cable harnesses. Compared with copper wire, aluminum wire has slightly poorer electrical conductivity, so aluminum wire is often used to connect low-power circuits, such as car lights, speakers, air conditioners, etc. In addition, aluminum wire is lighter than copper wire and relatively cheaper, which can reduce the cost of automotive cable harnesses to a certain extent.

In addition to applications in current transmission, metal wires in automotive cable harnesses are also used for signal transmission and protection. For example, many types of sensors, controllers, and instruments require the use of metal wires to transmit signals. At this time, it is necessary to use metal wires with better quality and less electromagnetic interference to ensure the quality and stability of signal transmission.

In addition, metal wires also play an important role in the protection of automotive cable harnesses. For example, when a vehicle is driving, it will be subject to various external interference and damage, such as friction, vibration, collision, etc., which will cause damage and failure of the cable harness. In order to protect automotive cable harnesses, metal materials such as metal braiding or aluminum foil layers need to be added to the cable harness to provide additional strength and shielding effects and prevent the cable harness from external interference.

Therefore, metal wire is one of the indispensable components in automotive cable harnesses. Their quality and use have an important impact on the performance and safety of the entire vehicle.

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