Proper use of electric vehicle charging equipment

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Proper use of electric vehicle charging equipment
Posting date : Apr 15, 2024
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The development of emerging technology industries, including new energy vehicles, is getting better and better, especially charging equipment is gradually becoming more and more popular. Many car owners find that the car is fully charged when charging, but the charging gun cannot be pulled out, which not only delays the time but also This makes the charging experience worse, and the charging gun will automatically lock when the vehicle is not fully charged. If you find that the charging gun cannot be pulled out, there are the following methods to try to pull it out.

The following are the precautions for charging equipment. There are different opinions on this. Welcome to consult us.
One: Press the "Emergency Unlock" button

Since the charging gun interface has a locking function to avoid disconnection during charging, locking may occur. You can try to find the emergency unlocking device. Since there are many types of charging guns, the location of the unlocking port may be different. Keep a screwdriver in the car, which can come in handy at this time. Insert the screwdriver into the unlocking port. Pull it toward the gun head to unlock.

Second: Start charging again

Click to start charging, end charging after 20 seconds, and the locking mechanism will most likely be unlocked. In addition, some users reported that after unlocking the car door, the charging gun will automatically unlock, but this method is not available for all models.

Third: Contact the relevant customer service phone number

Generally, there will be a customer service phone number on the charging pile. You can call the phone for consultation, tell the charging pile code, and the customer service background will unlock it. After trying the above methods, if the charging gun still cannot be pulled out, then the only possibility is that the hardware is damaged. In this case, you can only call for repair and wait for the engineering staff to handle it on site.

If you encounter special circumstances, you must ensure that you handle the problem correctly under the premise of safety. 

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