Electric vehicle charging cable use requirement standard

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Electric vehicle charging cable use requirement standard
Posting date : Apr 23, 2024
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Nowadays, the number of new energy electric vehicles on the road has increased significantly, and the trust value of electric vehicle users in new energy vehicles has increased. The era of electric vehicles has gradually integrated into the lives of the masses, and they can travel in a low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly way. As a green means of transportation with broad development prospects, electric vehicles will be popularized at an extremely rapid speed in the future, and the future market prospects are also huge.

New energy electric vehicles are becoming more and more widespread. As charging piles and connectors for electric piles that provide power, electric piles are divided into wall-mounted AC and fast-charging DC. One is a household AC charging pile, such as a small charging device given when buying a car, and a wall-mounted charging pile in an underground parking garage. The battery is generally fully charged in more than 8 hours. The other is a public DC charging pile, which is mostly used in parking lots and highway service stations. This can also be understood as a fast charging pile often mentioned by car owners. Under normal circumstances, the time required for a fast charging pile to fully charge various pure electric models on the market is within 1h-2h. Users can purchase and install according to their needs.

Of course, the production requirements for cables and other connectors are important. Whether it is a charging pile or a charging gun, the region is particularly strict about the protection performance, and has strict manufacturing standards for charging components and interfaces, requiring the protection level of AC and DC charging gun series products to reach IP55. Of course, most models on the market have reached the protection level of IP*6-IP*7. The charging gun interface is waterproof and dustproof, which has become an industry standard. The seemingly cheap charging pile equipment outdoors has a protection capability comparable to high-tech products that have long been comparable. This allows the public to use it more standardized, safer and more worry-free.

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