Positioning and sizing of electric vehicle chargers

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Positioning and sizing of electric vehicle chargers
Posting date : Dec 05, 2023
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With the acceleration of the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China, the average annual sales volume of new energy vehicles in the Chinese market is expected to exceed 3 million, and the penetration rate is expected to reach a growth level throughout the year. Of course, the construction of charging piles is increasing as the number of electric vehicles increases. The following describes the precautions for installing electric vehicle charging piles and charging connectors:

When installing an electric vehicle charger, the following factors need to be considered to determine its positioning and size adjustment:

1. Safety: The charger should be installed in a position high from the ground and not easy to be collided to protect the charger from damage by external objects. In addition, the charger should be kept away from flammable materials to prevent fire.

2. Convenience: The charger should be installed near the parking position of the electric vehicle so that the user can easily connect the cable to the charging port of the vehicle.

3. Space limitation: The charger should be installed in a location with enough space to accommodate the charging device to ensure that the cable will not be restricted or entangled during the charging process.

4. Power access: The charger should be installed in a position that can easily access the power supply to ensure that the charger can work properly and provide enough power to the electric vehicle.

5. Size adjustment: According to the size of the charger, it is necessary to consider whether the installation position is enough to accommodate the size of the charger. If you don't have enough space, you may need to make a size adjustment or choose a smaller charger.

In short, determining the positioning and sizing of electric vehicle chargers requires consideration of safety, convenience, space limitations, power access, and the size of the charger itself. It is best to ask a professional to install to ensure the safety and normal use of the charger.

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