High voltage unshielded cables for automotive parts connection

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High voltage unshielded cables for automotive parts connection
Posting date : Jun 05, 2023
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The difference between shielded power cables and control cables is the function, category, standard, and insulation cores are marked differently, the following is a detailed description around these categories.

Function: Power cables are used to transmit and distribute large functional electrical energy in the power system backbone; control cables are used to control the connection lines of electrical equipment appliances. 

Category: power cables belong to the second of the five categories of cables; control cables belong to the third of the five categories of cables (cables for electrical equipment). 

Standards: The standard for power cables is GB12706; the standard for control cables is 9330.

Insulation core identification: power cable insulation is generally color phasing; control cable insulation core color is generally monochrome printed digital serial number. 

The above is what is the difference between power cables and control cables, power cables are used for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy cables, power cables are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power stations lead lines, industrial and mining enterprises internal power supply and over the river and sea underwater transmission lines. In the power lines, the proportion of cables is gradually increasing.

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