What is the difference between the production principles of high-power oil-cooled and water-cooled charging cables?

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What is the difference between the production principles of high-power oil-coole...
Posting date : Sep 21, 2022
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High-power liquid-cooled charging cables are divided into oil-cooled cables and water-cooled cables according to different cooling media. Literally, it can be seen that the big difference is the different cooling media.

The oil-cooled cable mainly designs the insulating layer as an oil pipe, and directly immerses the conductor in the oil, so that the charging cable maintains a lower temperature during the charging process, and the current-carrying capacity is enhanced through the circulation of the insulating oil. For water-cooled cables, water pipes are added inside the cable, and pure water or antifreeze is used as a non-insulating liquid to dissipate the heat generated by the cable through liquid circulation and provide current-carrying capacity.

Compared with the two, the charging speed of the oil-cooled cable is faster, because of the particularity of its production principle, its current carrying capacity is stronger, and it can carry a large current of up to 600A. Due to the advantages of the design structure, the wire diameter of the water-cooled cable can be made smaller to meet the customer's sense of experience.

OMG has been deeply involved in the EV charging field for more than ten years, and has entered the liquid-cooled charging cable market with rich experience and excellent technology.At present, the company's liquid-cooled charging cable business includes water-cooled charging cables and oil-cooled charging cables.

Product Details

1. Conductor material: bare copper

2. Insulation material: TPE

3. Filling material: PP Cord

4. Cooling pipe material: XLPO OR FEP

5. Sheath material: TPU

Product Specifications:

Rated temperature: -40°C~105°C

Rated voltage: DC 1000V

Maximum current: 400A, 500A, 600A

Environmental Requirements: Compliant with RoHS and REACH

The product has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, blast resistance and weather resistance, and is suitable for fast charging of electric vehicles.You can choose water-cooled or oil-cooled cables according to your needs and actual conditions.

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