Specifications of electric vehicle charging cables used in different areas

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Specifications of electric vehicle charging cables used in different areas
Posting date : Aug 03, 2022
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There are a variety of options for electric vehicle charging, and being able to identify an excellent product at a top quality cable manufacturer or connector provider is easy to find and very likely to create many opportunities.

Public charging posts are defined as "any electric vehicle charging post where an electric vehicle can be located" and in today's major electric vehicle market, home backup chargers are prevalent and most of its users tend to have the essential charging connectors for their cars that can be used to charge anywhere, anytime. This variety of charging options may improve the efficiency of EV charging and increase charging utilization at public charging stations.

Among them, there are the following charging modes for electric vehicles. 

Charging mode 1: Single-headed charging gun + cable + ordinary CEE plug connected to single-phase mains power

Charging mode 2: Single-head charging gun + cable + control box + plug connected to single-phase mains

Charging mode 3: single-headed charging gun + cable + control box + plug to single-phase utility

Charging mode 4: the combination of charging gun + cable + charging post connected to direct current (DC)

The difference is: charging mode 2 and charging mode 1 are more controllers, charging mode 2 compared to charging mode 1 complete protection measures, can be with overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, leakage power failure protection, charging mode 1 is no protection measures. Charging mode three phase for the first two modes, mode three increases the charging current thus increasing the speed of charging, the need for charging safety will also be higher. Charging mode four is a DC charging gun.

Of course, it is well known that there are three types of electric vehicle connections.

1: Charging cable connected to the electric vehicle end and pluggable to the grid connection end.

2: Charging cable connected to the grid connection end and pluggable with the EV end.

3: The charging cable is pluggable with both the EV end and the grid connection end

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