DN-20GAV14-EZ15 / DCN-20BCV1 Robotic Soldering Iron Tips for Apollo Seiko Soldering Machine Apollo Seiko Tips DCN Series Apollo Solder Tips

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DN-20GAV14-EZ15 / DCN-20BCV1 Robotic Soldering Iron Tips for Apollo Seiko Solder...
Posting date : Jul 31, 2019
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4000 pcs per Month
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China [CN]
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DN-20GAV14-EZ15 / DCN-20BCV1
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1~3 work days
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Apollo Seiko Soldering Tip is high quality robotic soldering iron tip designed for the use of automated soldering machine. The soldering tips can make the robots get the most out of automated soldering, working stable and low faulty soldering joints. providing increased output and quality through a repeatable robotic process..

We produce and sell Apollo Seiko repalcement soldering tips, available types: DS, DN, TS, TM and quick change type (DCx) series tips.

DS iron cartridge: 101mm length for DC48V

DN iron cartridge: 101mm length for DC48V, sleeve with N2 supply

TM iron cartridge: 145mm length for AC100V

TS iron cartridge: 101mm length for AC100V

DM iron cartridge: 145mm length for DC48V

Specifications of Apollo Seiko Robotic Soldering Tips N-20GAV14-EZ15 / DCN-20BCV1 

  • Two side tinning
  • DC48V,  Total Length: 101mm
  • Diameter: 6.4mm
  • Tip width: a: 4mm, b: 2.0mm
  • Tip thickness (c): 0.6mm
  • Tin area, two side (d): 1.5mm
  • Choice: Black Tip 
  • Lead Time: 1~2 Weeks
  • Material: copper
  • Apllication: For all Apollo Seiko soldering robot
  • Advantage: up to 300 degree centigrade in 6 seconds
  • Custom-made service available


Advantages of YINATE Soldering Tips

Top five reasons to choose YINATE
1. Good quality, Lower price
2. Longer service life.
3. Short production cycle.
4. Free samples available.
5. Perfect after-sales service.


Features of Apollo Seiko Soldering Robot Tip

*Designed to meet Lead free soldering requirements.*A high precision thermocouple is built in to the Top of the iron tip, a minimal temperature drop can be quickly detected and recovered, temperature can reach 300° C within 6 seconds.*Quick change cartridge type iron provides for consistent location and height adjustment with each tip change.


Apollo soldering Robot Tips Standard Model

  • D series: 08D, 10D, 13D, 16D, 20D, 24D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 80D
  • D-2 series: 08D-2, DV10D-2, 13D-2, 16D-2, 20D-2, 24D-2, 30D-2, 40D-2, 50D-2, 60D-2
  • DV2 series: 13DV2, 162, 20DV2, 24DV2, 30DV2, 40DV2, 50DV2
  • DV1 series: 10DV1, 13DV1, 16DV1, 20DV1, 24DV1, 30DV1, 40DV1, 50DV1
  • BCV1 series: 20BCV1, 24BCV1, 30BCV1, 40BCV1
  • DV1-2 series: 10DV1-2, 13DV1-2, 16DV1-2, 20DV1-2, 24DV1-2, 30DV1-2, 40DV1-2, 50DV1-2, 60DV1-2, 80DV1-2
  • PC series: 10PC, 13PC, 16PC, 20PC, 24PC, 30PC, 40PC, 50PC, 60PC
  • PVC series: 20PVC2, 24PVC2, 30PVC2, 40PVC2, 50PVC2
  • FPR series: 16FPR, 20FPR, 24FPR, 30FPR, 40FPR, 50FPR
  • R series: 20R, 24R, 30R, 40R, 50R
  • UPL series: 16UPL, 22UPL, 32UPL


Product Pictures of Soldering Tips DN-20GAV14-EZ15 / DCN-20BCV1


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