EV charging cable Suitable for Type 1 and CCS1

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EV charging cable Suitable for Type 1 and CCS1
Posting date : Sep 03, 2022
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The CCS combined charging system is one of the five charging standards for electric vehicles.Including American standard CCS1, European standard CCS2.CCS uses PLC (Power Line Communication) as the communication method with the car to precisely control charging.The main markets using CCS1 are North America and South Korea.Audi, BMW, M-Benz, Hyundai, Jaguar and other cars also use this kind of charging interface.

OMG is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of electric vehicle charging cables and electric vehicle high-voltage cables.America UL62 standard EV charging cable produced by OMG is suitable for Type 1 and CCS1.

1. The OMG cable conductor is made of oxygen-free pure copper, which has the characteristics of high conductivity, low resistance, low loss, and strong current load capacity.

2. The insulation and sheath materials are made of TPE or PVC, which has the advantages of wear resistance, waterproof, frost resistance, long service life, etc.

3. Non-woven wrapping, woven fabric wrapping the wire core tightly to prevent wire oxidation, more oil-resistant, flame-retardant, cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant

4. Using high-quality high-strength TPE or PVC sheath, it will be extinguished immediately after leaving the open flame, and only a small amount of white smoke will be produced.It is a real flame-retardant cable:

5. Oil resistance and anti-corrosion: special PVC sheath, oil-resistant, anti-corrosion, oil-proof and anti-aging.Oil resistance: IRM902, 60℃/168h tensile and elongation ≥70% unaged value.

To learn more about EV cables and charging pile cables, please visit OMG's official website: https://www.omgevcable.com/

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