Charging Mode 3: EV Charging Cable Introduction

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Charging Mode 3: EV Charging Cable Introduction
Posting date : Sep 07, 2022
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At present, it is recognized by the industry that electric vehicle charging cables have 4 charging modes.Since charging mode 3 is a common choice for household chargers and charging infrastructure, we will focus on the combination of charging mode 3 and which mode should be used in this mode.Cable.

Charging mode 3: The combination method is double-headed charging gun + cable + charging pile connected to single-phase electricity or three-phase electricity.The charging connector and charging plug conform to the IEC 62196-2 standard and are powered by an AC charging pile.The AC charging pile is permanently connected to the AC power network, and the charging pile has the function of control and guidance.

The current common AC charging pile specifications are: 7.4kW (230V/32A, single-phase);22kW (400V/32A, 3-phase)

7.4kW charging pile can choose OMG 3 * 6.0 + 2 * 0.75 cable;22kW charging pile OMG 5 * 6.0 + 2 * 0.75 cable.

For the selection of electric vehicle charging cables, in principle, first determine the size of the current output by the charging pile charging mode to select the corresponding cable.

OMG is a well-known cable manufacturer in China, with rich experience in the cable industry, not only selling cables, but also providing OEM and ODM services, and is committed to becoming a world-class provider of new electric vehicle cable solutions.

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