Sell WF Series Flange Output Inline Gear Reducer

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Sell WF Series Flange Output Inline Gear Reducer
Posting date : Nov 13, 2023
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20.00cm * 20.00cm * 50.00cm
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China [CN]
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20.00cm * 20.00cm * 50.00cm
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gear motor speed rv reducer transmission gearbox advantages:

1, fine precision cycloidal structure
Ultra flat shape is achieved through differential reduction mechanism and thin cross roller bearing, contributing to the compact size of the equipment. The combination of small size and unmatched superior parameters achieves the best combination of performance, price and size (high cost performance).

2. Excellent accuracy (transmission loss ≤1 arcmin)
Through the complex meshing of precision cycloid gear and high precision roller pin, higher transmission accuracy is achieved while maintaining small size and high speed ratio.

3, high rigidity
Increase the mesh rate to disperse the load, so the rigidity is high.

4. High overload capacity
It maintains trouble-free operation under abnormally low noise and vibration conditions while ensuring excellent overturning and torsional stiffness parameters. Integrated axial radial cross roller bearings, high load capacity and overload capacity of the reducer, can ensure users to provide a variety of temperature range of applications.

5, the motor installation is simple
Electromechanical integration design, can be directly connected with the motor, any brand of motor can be installed directly, without adding any device.

6. Maintenance free
Seal grease to achieve maintenance free. No refueling, no mounting direction restrictions.

7, stable performance
The manufacturing process of high wear-resistant materials and high precision parts has been certified by ISO9000 quality system, which guarantees the reliable operation of the reducer.

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