Development of EV high-power charging cable

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Development of EV high-power charging cable
Posting date : Nov 20, 2023
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With the green and low-carbon development of transportation and the promotion of comprehensive electrification replacement of vehicles in the public sector, the state vigorously promotes new energy vehicles, and improves charging supporting facilities for new energy vehicles such as charging piles and changing stations. In addition, under the mainstream charging background of high-power charging, charging cables must be thickened continuously in order to achieve high-current charging and ensure safety. The cost is also rising. The emergence and application of high-power liquid-cooled charging cables can not only reduce the thermal damage caused by high-power charging to the charging gun, charging cable and charging pile, but also reduce the weight of the cable and insulation layer, which is very suitable for high-power charging of electric vehicles.

The main technical point of the liquid-cooled charging cable is the use of liquid-cooled charging technology, by adding cooling pipes in the charging gun, charging pile, charging cable circuit, and adding coolant pipes inside the cable, it can be compatible with two different needs of high voltage 400V and 800V, and also ensure that the charging interface is low temperature. Not only that, the advantages of this design can also make the cable diameter small, conducive to use and easy storage. And it is so light and does not affect its large current carrying capacity.

It can be predicted that the development potential of high-power charging cable in the future is large, although its manufacturing cost will be higher, but I believe that with the continuous improvement and development of liquid cooling technology, the cost will be reduced. Although the domestic liquid cooling charging technology is now in a stage of rapid development, more and more enterprises have also stepped out of a high-power liquid cooling route of their own.

Cables supporting liquid refrigerants withstand low outdoor temperatures. This provides a new direction for the development of liquid-cooled charging cables. For search:

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