BMS battery connection harness function

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BMS battery connection harness function
Posting date : Sep 18, 2023
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The full English name of BMS is Battery Management System, and the Chinese name is battery management system. Its main function is to detect battery status, manage vehicle power batteries, enhance battery usage efficiency, and prevent batteries from affecting their service life due to excessive charging and discharging. 

The BMS battery harness is responsible for the real-time transmission of voltage and temperature signals between battery modules. However, the battery pack usage environment is very complex. To ensure the stable transmission of BMS battery wiring harness signals, it requires high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, bending resistance and flexibility. 

One of the important components of the BMS system is the BMS battery harness, which plays a signal transmission role between the system components. 

The BMS battery wiring harness adopts a shielding design, which can effectively reduce the impact of EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFIC radio interference on vehicle systems. Application scope: BMS, power battery BMS, new energy vehicles. 

Depending on the location and structure of the wiring harness, BMS batteries can use protective methods such as tape and corrugated tubes. The entire wiring harness has strict flame retardant requirements. The battery pack space is limited, so when installing the wiring harness, pay attention to whether it is prone to wear and aging. 

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