Industrial potato chips frying machine

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Industrial potato chips frying machine
Posting date : Sep 29, 2021
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First: Frying system:

The industrial continuous potato chips fryer adopts double-layer stainless steel spiral mesh belt, namely pressing mesh belt and conveying mesh belt. The frequency conversion motor is integrated control, the mesh belt speed frequency converter is adjustable, and the upper and lower mesh belt spacing is adjustable, which can meet the processing requirements of different products. The pressing mesh belt can ensure that the product is inside the edible oil, and the scraper-type discharging method ensures complete discharging.

Second: Heating system:

1. Direct heating inside the electric heating tube, tubular heating tube, a total of five groups, each group is 12KW, a total of 60KW.

2. The electric heating tube is located in the middle of the conveying mesh belt, which can heat up in time and efficiently to meet the needs of normal production.

3. It can be raised and lowered together with the mesh belt bracket, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

4. The whole frying area is divided into two sections to control the temperature.

Third: Oil fume exhaust system:

The oily fume and moisture generated during the production process are eliminated in time, and the fire extinguishing nozzle is installed inside the cover, and the fire extinguisher is provided by the customer. The chimney is equipped with a damper to prevent fire and prompt and rapid treatment after it occurs, and to ensure the overall environmental hygiene and the personal safety of workers.

Fourth: Improve the system:

The button automatic lifting system can realize the independent or integrated lifting of the fume hood, the pressing mesh belt and the conveying mesh belt. The gap between the pressing mesh belt and the conveying mesh belt can be adjusted to meet the processing requirements of different products. At the same time, it is convenient for workers to maintain and clean the inside of the machine body.

Fifth: Scraper system:

The slag removal system is controlled separately and can be turned on according to actual production needs. Slowly driven by the scraper, the oil in the residue can be recovered. After the residue is collected, it falls into the residue collection tank and can be cleaned at any time. After the mesh belt support falls into the oil tank, the gap between the scraper and the conveyor mesh belt is small, and the residue falling at the bottom is taken away from the frying tank to ensure the quality and service life of the edible oil.

Sixth: Insulation system:

The frying area of ​​the full-automatic fryer is insulated with aluminum silicate thermal insulation cotton with a thermal insulation thickness of 40mm. The thermal insulation cotton is wrapped in white iron and fixed with rivets to prevent heat loss and ensure the personal safety of the workshop workers. The whole adopts a 4mm thick 40×60 square tube as the main support, which is fixed in sections to ensure that the equipment will not be deformed after being heated for a long time. The exterior of the equipment is made of 1mm thick stainless steel wire drawing board as a decorative board to ensure the overall beauty of the equipment.

Seventh: Control system:

The control cabinet is made of stainless steel, which is waterproof and has good ventilation and heat dissipation. Panel-type button control can quickly realize the control and parameter adjustment of the equipment.

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