Commercial spring roll frying machine

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Commercial spring roll frying machine
Posting date : Jan 11, 2021
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commercial spring roll fryer introduction:

A commercial spring roll fryer is a mesh belt fryer, which can realize continuous frying of raw materials. It has two heating methods: electricity and gas. And the fryer can customize the length and width of the fryer according to the needs of customers.

Features of continuous spring roll fryer:

1) Traditional continuous fryer can use salad oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, etc. according to the needs of the frying materials, for croquettes, rice cakes, potato cakes, various mixed cakes, French fries, potato chips, Fishballs, and meatballs, etc.

2) The traditional continuous fryer adopts the device of external filtration circulating oil circuit so that the oil is heated by the heater in the uniform circulation flow in the main oil tank so that the temperature of the oil rises uniformly and stably. In addition, when the circulating oil passes through the double-layer (thickness) filter screen of the auxiliary oil tank, the large and small particles in the oil are removed to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, so that the fried materials are kept clean at all times.

3) The structure of the traditional continuous fryer is refined and reasonable, with advanced functions. The double mesh belt is used for step-less variable speed adjustment, which not only guarantees the different frying time of the fried food but also ensures that the fried food is heated and transported 2-3cm below the oil layer; the gantry and lifting mechanism can be used to conveniently cover Lifting is convenient for frying and processing food.

4) When using this technology to fry food, the feeding of materials is continuous. The materials are fed to the fryer and move in the frying oil with the mesh belt, and then the processed products are output from the outlet. Because the products processed by this technology have consistent frying temperature and time, the products have constant appearance, flavor, organization, and shelf life, and at the same time have a better oil filtering effect, which can reduce frying odor and free fatty acid content.

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