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Packaging: 6 bags/box,50 boxes/carton Weight: 16 KG carton size:600*350*295mm
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Do you know the knowledge of the chronic prostatitis, do you know how to prevent and cure chronic prostatitis
Chronic prostatitis pain relief patch
Chronic prostatitis (Chronic prostatitis) refers to the Chronic inflammation of prostate tissue caused by different causes, is the most common diseases uropoiesis surgical department.Including chronic bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis two parts.The mainly pathogen infection in chronic bacterial prostatitis, give priority to with retrograde infection, pathogen mainly staphylococcus, history of recurrent urinary tract infections are common or continuing presence of pathogenic bacteria in prostate massage fluid.Nonbacterial prostatitis is caused by a variety of complex reasons and causes inflammation, immune, neuroendocrine participation of the pathological changes of the complex, causing urinary tract irritation and chronic pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations, and often merge mental symptoms of the disease, diverse clinical manifestations.The course is slow, delay no more.
The cause of
1. Chronic bacterial prostatitis
Pathogenic factors are mainly for pathogen infection, but the body's resistance to strong and/or weak pathogen virulence, give priority to with retrograde infection, pathogen mainly staphylococcus, followed by e. coli, coryneform bacteria genera and enterococcus, etc.Prostate stones and urine reflux may persist for pathogens and infection recurrence is an important reason.
2. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis
Etiology is very complex, its main cause may be the pathogen infection, inflammation, and abnormal pelvic nerve muscle activity and abnormal immune function.
(1) although this pathogen infection patients with routine check failed to isolate the pathogen bacteria, but may still with some special pathogens, such as, L deformation bacteria, anaerobic bacteria nanobacteria, or chlamydia trachomatis and mycoplasma infections, etc.Studies have shown that this type of patients with local prokaryotes DNA detection rate can be as high as 77%;Some clinical is given priority to with chronic inflammation, recurrent, or aggravate the aseptic prostatitis, may be associated with these pathogens.Other pathogens, such as parasites, fungi, viruses, trichomoniasis, such as mycobacterium tuberculosis may also be the important pathogenic factors, but the lack of reliable evidence, there is no consensus so far.
(2) excessive urination function obstacle factors cause urethral sphincter contraction, leads to the formation of a bladder outlet obstruction and residual urine, urine caused by reverse flow into the prostate, not only can bring the pathogen into the prostate, also can directly stimulate the prostate, induce aseptic "chemical prostatitis, cause micturition abnormal pain and pelvic area.
There are many many prostatitis patients urine dynamics change, such as: urine flow rate decrease and functional urinary tract obstruction and detrusor urethral sphincter dyssynergia, etc.These dysfunction may be associated with potential of various pathogenic factors.
(3) the spirit of psychological research shows that is not the more the presence of more than half of patients with prostatitis obvious mental psychological factors and personality change.Such as anxiety, depression, hypochondriasis, hysteria, even suicidal.The change of these spiritual, the psychological factors can cause plant nerve function disorder, cause posterior urethral neuromuscular dysfunction, leading to pelvic pain and urination dysfunction;Or cause the hypothalamus - pituitary gonad axis function change and affect sexual function, further aggravating symptom, eliminate stress can make symptoms or recovered.But it is unclear what mental change is its direct reason, or secondary performance.
(4) the neuroendocrine factors tend to occur in the prostate pain of heart rate and blood pressure fluctuations, that may be associated with autonomic nervous response.It has the characteristics of the internal organs of pain pain, the local pathology of prostate, urethra, triggered by prostate afferent nerve spinal reflex, activate the waist, the pith of astrocytes, nerve impulse came through reproductive iliac inguinal femoral nerve and nerve impulses, sympathetic nerve endings release norepinephrine, prostaglandins, and calcitonin gene related peptide, substance P, etc., cause bladder urethra dysfunction, and resulting in abnormal perineum, pelvic floor muscle activity, outside the corresponding areas of the prostate with persistent pain and referred pain.
(5) the abnormal immune response in recent years, studies have shown that the occurrence of immune factors in type III prostatitis development and plays a very important role in the course of evolution, in patients with prostatic fluid and/or seminal plasma and/or organization and/or there will be some changes in cytokine levels in the blood, such as: IL - 2, IL - 6 and IL 8, IL - 10, the TNF alpha and MCP - 1 and IL - 10 level and the pain symptoms of type III prostatitis patients were positively correlated, application of immunosuppressive therapy has a certain effect.
(6) theory of oxidative stress under normal circumstances, the body's production of oxygen free radicals, utilization, clear in a state of dynamic balance.Prostatitis patients of oxygen free radicals produce too much and/or the removal of the free radical system function is relatively lower, which makes the body resisting oxidative stress reaction product ability to reduce the effect, oxidative stress and/or by-products, may also is one of the pathogenesis.
(7) pelvic disease factors relevant part prostatitis patients often accompanied by peripheral zone of prostate venous plexus expansion, hemorrhoids, varicocele, suggest possible some symptoms in patients with chronic prostatitis and pelvic venous congestion, blood silt up related, it could also be one of the causes of the cured.
Clinical manifestations of
1. The pain
Pain symptoms in radiation surrounding tissues for the center with prostate pain, common in the scrotum, testes, the lower abdomen, perineum, lumbosacral, shares the inside parts, the belly pain or discomfort.
2. The abnormal urination
Characterized by frequent urination, urgency, urine pain, urethral burning, urine Yu Li, or morning, urine or stool, at the end of the overflow from the urethra secretion of the white.
3. The neurologic symptoms
Characterized by dizziness tinnitus, insomnia, much dream, anxiety, depression, or even appear impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, etc.

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