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Osteoarthritis of Bone Hyperplasia Pain Relief Patch,Soft Tissue Pain Relief Pat...
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Packaging: 6 bags/box,50 boxes/carton Weight: 16 KG carton size:600*350*295mm
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Osteoarthritis of Bone Hyperplasia Pain Relief Patch treatmen by self-heating pain relief patch。Arthritis etiology of complex, mainly with inflammation, autoimmune reaction, infection, metabolic disorders, trauma, degenerative diseases and other factors.According to the cause of arthritis can be divided into rheumatoid, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic, osseous and purulent.
Osteoarthritis of Bone Hyperplasia
Osteoarthritis of Bone Hyperplasia (arthritis) refers to occur in the human body and its surrounding tissues by inflammation, trauma, infection, degradation or inflammatory disease caused by other factors, can be divided into dozens of.Arthritis patients in our country has more than 100 million, and the number is increasing.Clinical manifestations of the joints, such as redness, swelling, heat, pain, dysfunction, and joint deformities, serious cause joint deformity, affect patients' quality of life.According to the statistics, more than 50, half of the risk of osteoarthritis, 65, 90% of women and 90% of men over the age of the crowd with osteoarthritis.The prevalence was 0.34% ~ 0.36% in our country, serious life shortens the 10 ~ 15 years.
The cause of
Arthritis etiology of complex, mainly with inflammation, autoimmune reaction, infection, metabolic disorders, trauma, degenerative diseases and other factors.According to the cause of arthritis can be divided into rheumatoid, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic, osseous and purulent.
Many diseases can cause joint inflammatory pathological changes, clinical more common arthritis has the following kinds:
1. Osteoarthritis
Also called degenerative joint disease, joint disease.Bone hyperplasia, is closely related to the aging, most old people are likely to be associated with bone hyperplasia, naturally prone to osteoarthritis.Clinical data showed that people under age 45 osteoarthritis prevalence is only 2%, while more than 65 - year - old crowd morbidity rates as high as 68%.The doctor seems to elderly are suffering from varying degrees of osteoarthritis.
2. Rheumatoid arthritis
The disease is often characterized by small joint pain (finger joints, wrist joints, etc.), and the joints are symmetry.Rheumatoid arthritis, 80% between 35 to 50 years old, but the old man, young children also.Because of its etiology and genetic, infection has complex relationship, environment, immunization, clinical still cannot effect a radical cure thoroughly, only through the medication control, maintain joint function.
3. Ankylosing spondylitis
More performance for the spine, sacroiliac joints, such as joint axis lesions.Etiology is not clear, it is generally believed to genetic factors, environmental factors interaction.Men see more, the disease onset age before the age of 40, severe cases can cause spinal and joint deformity and affect daily life.
4. The reactive arthritis
Because of the joint such as the intestinal system, urinary system infection factor triggering inflammatory joint disease.Reduce the infection rate, improve immunity have certain prevention and cure function.
5. Gouty arthritis
Due to the accumulation of urate crystals, arthritis.Disease is more acute unilateral arthritis to foot big toe swelling, pain as the main symptoms, suddenly pain "sorrow", course of the last week or so can alleviate, like the wind in the past, so called "gout", but easy to relapse.Oxidation prevention method is effective to prevent the nucleic acid by oxidation decomposition, thus reducing the endogenous purine (80%), and then reduce the generation of uric acid.At the same time change life eating habits, eat less animal innards, seafood, beer, liquor, such as exogenous purine, thereby reducing uric acid.
Clinical manifestations of
Had longer duration of most arthritis, painless, lingering in the treatment of intractable.Therefore, accomplish early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment, is beneficial to prevent arthritis disease progress, improve the prognosis of patients.
1. Joint pain
Arthritis is the main performance.Different types of arthritis pain can show different characteristics.
2. Joint swelling
Swelling is one of the main performance of joint inflammation, is also the result of the progress in inflammation, is associated with the degree of joint pain may not.The general is proportional to the disease.
3. The joint dysfunction
Joint pain and inflammation caused by tissue oedema around joints, muscle cramps and protective around joint structure was damaged, result in joint activities is limited.Chronic arthritis due to restricted joint activities for a long time, can lead to permanent joint function loss.
4. The signs
Different types of arthritis symptoms are different, can appear erythema, deformity, soft tissue swelling, joint swelling, drainage, bony swelling, bone fricative, tenderness, muscle atrophy or muscle weakness, joint limited range and signs such as nerve root compression.
1. The laboratory tests
(1) general examination of blood routine, routine urine and blood sedimentation, c-reactive protein, biochemical (liver, kidney, A/G), immunoglobulin, protein electrophoresis, complement, etc.Routine blood, protein electrophoresis, immune complex and serum complement, and other general indicators in the normal range.Patients with synovitis can appear moderately elevated c-reactive protein (CRP) and blood sedimentation rate (ESR) slightly faster.Secondary arthritis patients can appear the checks on the laboratory abnormalities of the primary disease.
(2) the autoantibodies rheumatoid factor, annular citrulline and IgA, antinuclear antibodies, rheumatoid factor IgG weeks factor, antibodies against keratin, and antinuclear antibodies, resistance to ENA.
(3) genetic markers HLA DR4 and HLA - DR1 subtypes.
2. Imaging studies
(1) X-ray joint X-ray visible soft tissue swelling, osteoporosis and progression of the subchondral bone sclerosis and (or) joint surface cystic change, invasive bone destruction, joint surface fuzzy, asymmetry and dislocation of joint space narrowing, joint fusion.Edge joint hyperplasia and osteophyte formation or with different degree of joint effusion, partly visible intra-articular loose bodies or joint deformation.
(2) with CT examination of joint CT and chest CT examination.
(3) of the MRI joint MRI of joint disease found in patients with rheumatoid arthritis early is very helpful.
(4) the ultrasonic joint ultrasound is simple non-invasive examination, for synovitis and joint effusion and joint damage identification.
3. The special inspection
(1) arthrocentesis for joint cavity effusion of joints, joint fluid examination including: joint fluid training and testing system of rheumatoid factor, and polarized light detection identify gout urate crystals.
(2) the arthroscopy and joint synovial biopsy for diagnosis and differential diagnosis of arthritis are valuable.
The diagnosis
1. Rheumatoid arthritis
Is a kind of common acute or chronic inflammation of connective tissue.Can break out repeatedly and involvement of the heart.Clinical characteristics of joints and muscles pain wandering.Allergic diseases.Is one of the main performance of rheumatic fever, to more acute onset of the fever and joint pain.Typical performance is mild or moderate fever, wandering arthritis, the affected joints for knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, such as large joints, by a common joint transfer to another joints, local lesion presents the redness, swelling, heat, pain, some patients also has several joint disease at the same time.Not typical patients with joint pain without other inflammation, acute inflammation in general 2 ~ 4 weeks receded, leaving no sequela, but often break out repeatedly.If rheumatism activity affects the heart, it can happen myocarditis, even left heart valve disease.
2. Rheumatoid arthritis
The disease is one of the most common types of chronic arthritis.And genetic, environmental factors, including smoking, bacteria and virus infection.Can occur at any age, but more women aged 40 ~ 60.American rheumatism association in 1987 revision of the classification criteria of rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis condition (article 4 can be confirmed or higher) :
(1) morning stiffness lasts at least 1 hour (6 weeks) or higher.
(2) three or more than three joints involved (6 weeks) or higher.
(3) the joints (wrist), joint or proximal interphalangeal involvement (6 weeks) or higher.
(4) symmetry arthritis (6 weeks) or higher.
(5) have rheumatoid nodules under the skin.
(6) X ray film change hand joint (show the joints and adjacent osteoporosis or obvious phenomenon of decalcified, joint space narrow).
(7) serum rheumatoid factor positive (drop degree > 1:32).
3. Osteoarthritis
See more at medium, the elderly, most slow onset process.Hand, knee, hip and spine, easy involvement and palm means less affected, wrist, and other joints.Condition usually follow activity and increase or reduce due to rest.Morning stiffness time to less than half an hour.Hands visible Heberden involvement in physical examination and Bouchard nodules, the knee joint can reach the friction.The joints such as not accompanied by subcutaneous nodules and vasculitis.Rheumatoid factor is negative, a few elderly patients can have low degree of positive.
4. Gouty arthritis
Gout is a purine metabolic abnormalities caused increase in uric acid synthesis of metabolic disease.When abnormal renal function due to renal uric acid clearance decreased can also cause uric acid levels.Plasma uric acid in the saturated, causing uric acid sodium single crystal deposition around the distal joint relative lack of vascular tissue.The emergence of this kind of crystal can lead to acute inflammatory synovitis of single joint or joint.Gout is relatively rare in the male, affected area of the great toe is the most common.Most patients with gout will happen at some point in their life first plantar toe joints involved.Other possible involvement of the foot area, heel, and ankle foot back.
5. Ankylosing spondylitis
More young men, have obvious tendency of the familial.With axial joints, such as the sacroiliac and spinal joints involved is given priority to, also can appear peripheral joints involved, but more performance for lower limb joints, as the asymmetry of swelling and pain, and often accompanied by spines, big rotor, Achilles tendon, ridge rib pain in joints, tendons and ligaments such as attachment points.Pathological changes serious when can appear stiff spine, cervical spine, lumbar spine, thoracic activity limitations, appear "hump", seriously affects patients' daily life.Outside the joint performance of iridocyclitis, heart block barriers and aortic atresia is not congruent.X ray film visible sacroiliac joint attacks, destroy or fusion.More than 90% of the patients with HLA B27 positive, and rheumatoid factor negative.
6. Reactive arthritis
Hard, the onset of the disease before onset often intestinal or history of urinary tract infection.In large joints, especially lower limb joints, asymmetry involvement is given priority to, there is no symmetry fingers proximal interphalangeal joint, wrist joint involvement, etc.May be accompanied by eye inflammation, urethritis, balanitis and fever, HLA, B27 rheumatoid factor can be positive and negative, the patient can appear asymmetric X-ray sacroiliac arthritis.

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