Heat Pump Electric Compressor, DC320V

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Heat Pump Electric Compressor, DC320V
Posting date : Jun 10, 2021
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Guchen EAC will supply electric air-conditioning compressors for 2 new models of electric vehicles of the Qatar New Energy Automobile unit under state-backed BAIC Group starting in October, it announced yesterday.

One model is Heat Pump type DC320v Electric compressor: For climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pump electric compressor offer an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners.

The other model is Heat Pump DC350v eCompressor: 200-year-old heat pump technology is boosting the efficiency of the latest EVs. In an EV, reversible heat pump electric compressor can be used to both warm the battery and cool it. When cooling it, the excess heat from the battery can be sent to the cabin heater. A heat pump compressor can also move heat from the ambient air to the cabin heater. Guchen EAC technical team was the first to do this, but not all EVs have embraced this technology yet.

With the background of environmental conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions, there is an increasing requirements for higher efficiency electric compressor. High voltage AC compressor and low volt ones are also increasing for  electrically-driven compressors

 for vehicle air conditioning systems.

Electric air-conditioning compressors are divided into two types according to electric drive mode. One is an all-electric compressor, which is driven only by electric power. It is divided into independent and non-independent types according to the driving method. The second is a hybrid drive compressor. The engine and motor hybrid drive compressor can switch between engine drive mode and electric drive mode, saving car energy consumption.

This makes for light, compact, easy-to-handle tools that run quietly and have fewer parts that wear out.

Several high technologies are used inside the compressor to decrease operation noise and


Electric Motor in electric air conditioning compressors: The electric motor has very few moving parts and there is no gearbox so in simplistic terms and EV has fewer but conversely the battery contains hundreds of small cells any one of which could degrade or cease which would cause major problems for the EV and replacing a single cell is not possible. Also an EV is totally dependent on computerised systems and software which can malfunction and are not easily fixed by non EV trained engineers.

The key component of the refrigerant circuit in any design is the refrigerant compressor. As already mentioned, electric driven compressors are usually used in the A/C system of electric vehicles, largely scroll compressors.

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