Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturer Effective Communication Way

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Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturer Effective Communication Way
Posting date : Apr 22, 2024
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For communication between hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers and customers, AAK take the quick and direct way, and reach the destination directly


The coils required by hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers need to be purchased from the coil manufacturers, but the quality and price of the coil factories are uneven. Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK has not changed the coil manufacturer in the past 6 years and has been fixed in one factory for procurement. This not only ensures stable coil quality, but also makes hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK the largest customer of the coil factory, allowing us to enjoy VIP level services.


A while ago, a customer customized a hydraulic cartridge valve from hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK, and the coil also needed to be customized. The day before yesterday, I specifically went to the coil manufacturer to have a face-to-face communication with their engineers. I encountered an argument on the plane and couldn't help but feel that if we couldn't get to the key point in our communication, it would be a waste of time. This is also a complaint from many customers that the sales person of many hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China cannot express the key points.


When the flight attendant was tidying up the luggage, she found a cup of water in a bag. Upon inquiry, the owner of the cup was a middle-aged male passenger in front of me. The dialogue between the flight attendant and the passenger is as follows.


Flight attendant: Your cup needs to be taken out of the bag and cannot be placed in the luggage above your head as it is prone to water leakage. When I heard the flight attendant say this, I felt like the expression was not correct. As expected, the passenger replied, "My cup is made in Germany. I know it, it definitely won't leak.”. The flight attendant and the passenger communicated back and forth for more than 5 minutes, and finally called the lead flight attendant to solve the problem.


The communication style of this flight attendant is doomed to argue with each other. If the sales person of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers uses this communication method, emails are destined to be ineffective.


In this situation, imperative sentences should be used directly. Flight attendant: Sir, the cup of water cannot be placed in the luggage above your head. According to airline regulations, it must be removed. Please cooperate.


Not giving the other party bargaining space can make communication quick and direct to the goal. The emails from hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK are quick, direct, and direct to the destination.




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