Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

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Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine
Posting date : Jun 10, 2021
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1 This air bubble washing machine can washing fruit and vegetable, not only clean the dirty on the surface, but also the dust and insect in the vegetable. If water of different temperature conditions is required for washing different types of fabrics, air bubble type air bubbles have a special drum for connecting hot and cold water. During washing, built on the principle of bubbles, which act on the fabric, a small amount of detergent is consumed.


2 Machine principleWith air bubble system which can turning over the vegetables and fruits, some medicament can be added when cleaning, as to sterilizing and color keeping, the floating dirt can flow out from the over flow launder , the sediment can take away from drain outlet so as to reach cleaning purpose.


3.  Working and running principle:

Vegetables and fruits are completely stretching ,turning ,rolling, and cleaning in the water channel, the dust can sink in to the separated house in the bottom, the floating dust and insects can be collected by the removing net and flow out from the water over flowing , then in to the nylon bag of the low water box, this machine equipped with water recycling system, water in the wash channel and low water store box can be filtered by the water in the high storing box, and then back to the water channel by the centrifugal pump, so it is water saving, all the equipment and parts can be easily installed , disassembled and cleaned, all the washing procedure with cleaning , dirt removing , sterilizing and cooling can running continuously. Such machine can clean high quality and keep the original color of vegetable and fruit.



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