High Speed Turbo Blower Air Bearing of RAETTS 10-400HP

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High Speed Turbo Blower Air Bearing of RAETTS 10-400HP
Posting date : Jun 10, 2021
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High Speed Turbo Blower Air Bearing of RAETTS 10-400HP

The air bearing high speed turbo blower adopts the integrated design concept of air bearing and permanent magnet synchronous super high-speed motor (20,000 rpm).

It abandons the gearbox accelerator and coupling and lubrication system of the traditional centrifugal blower. And is the most efficient centrifugal blower in the world at present.

Even after another 100 years, RAETTS air bearing blowers with a national level IE4 level of energy efficiency is still the standard of the energy-saving blower.

1. Smart touch control panel

The Explorer-Series uses a 7-inch smart touch screen control panel to display flow, power, speed, air pressure, temperature, and more.

The model with more than 250 horsepower adopts the 10-inch intelligent touch screen control panel, which makes the operation more convenient and can realize more operation functions, such as START, LOAD, STOP, and EMERGENCY functions, realizes more intelligence.

2. Permanent magnet inverter

The Explorer Series permanent magnet high-speed motor is composed of the most advanced German electromagnetic design technology and the permanent magnet inverter system independently developed by RAETTS. Based on the excellent motor second stage cooling technology, the wiring of the inverter is very simple.

Secondly, the amount of hot gas generated by the inverter does not need to be treated separately, and the heat is taken in by the motor BOV system and discharged directly from the spout.

3. Control system

Explorer-Series is PLC or MCOM distinguish control. The communication supports RS485/RS232/thernet connection. The control is simple and convenient. All wiring is clear and easy to maintain.

4. Air bearing + ternary flow turbine +second stage compression technology

The air-suspended motor drives the ternary flow high-efficiency turbine. Compared with other conventional blowers/compressors, efficiency is increased by more than 25%.

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