Bone Mud Grinder

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Bone Mud Grinder
Posting date : Jun 10, 2021
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The bone mud grinder is one machine which elaborately process the fluid materials. It integrates a lot functions of homogenizer, ball grinder, three-roller. shearing machine and mixing machine, and has the effect on superior superfine grinding, dispersing emulsification, homogeneity and mixing. After materials arc processed, the number of particle size is 100-200 meshes, and homogeneity is up to over 90%. It is the ideal device for fine powder processing.

It is applied to wet material superfine grinding in pharmacy, food, chemical industry and other industries, which can smash, emulsify, homogenize and mix all kinds of half-wet bodies and emulsion matters. Major technical indicators have reached the advanced level of the similar product at abroad. It is used in combination with other meat machines, such as industrial meat grinder.


Application Scope

Food industry: aloe, pollen wall, pineapple, sesame, tea. ice cream, moon cake stuffing, cream, jam. fruit juice, soy protein, bean paste, red bean, peanut milk. milk, soy milk, drinks, dairy products, malted milk, essence, chicken bone cement, pig »kin and other animal skins, etc.

Chemical industry: paint. pigment, dyestuff, paint lubricating oil. grease, diesel oil. petroleum catalyst emulsified asphalt, adhesives, detergents. plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic. leather, etc.

Daily chemical: toothpaste. detergent shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, liquor, soap, face cream, etc.

Low pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of syrup. nutrient solution, proprietary Chinese medicine, paste reagent, biological products, cod liver oil. pollen, royal jelly, vaccine, all kinds of ointment, a variety of oral solution, injection, static drops, pancreatic enzyme preparation. emulsion, etc.

Construction industry: all kinds of coating, including external coiling. Anti-corrosion waterproof coating, cold porcelain paint, colorful coating, ceramic glaze, etc.

Other industries: plastic industry, textile industry, papermaking industry, biological, chemical, environmental protection and energy saving, coal flotation agent, nanometer material, the large and medium-sized institutions, scientific research units, etc.


Working Principle

Through the relative movement of stators and rotors of different shapes under high speed rotation, when the processed materials pass the adjustable gaps of stators and rotors under the effect of dead load, pressure force and centrifugal force, they are effectively smashed, dispersed, emulsified and mixed by composite force such as strong shearing force, friction force, impact force and high-frequency vibration, and thus ideal products are obtained.

The smashing room is composed of three grinding areas, coarse grinding area, fine grinding area and ultramiero grinding area, the required ultramicro grinding effect can be effectively obtained through adjusting of the gaps of stators and rotors.

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