Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)

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Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
Posting date : Jan 17, 2017
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Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)


Inspection   Item
Product  Index
Content(DMSO )       %
Solidifying Point   ℃


Acid Value     (mgKOH/g )
Water content    KF %
< 0.050
Transmittancy  (400nm)%

  Refractive Index  (20℃)

1.4775 – 1.4790
Boiling point       ℃ 


PH    P H Value
Specific Gravity(20℃):

Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) application1. DMSO in petroleum processing fieldDMSO is used as extracting solvent in aromatics extraction. It has the advantages of:(1) high selectivity on arene;(2) unlimited mixing with arene under room temperature;(3) low extraction temperature;(4) non-toxic;(5) simple extraction technique, energy saving;Because that DMSO is insoluble in arene, it is used for the manufacturing of edible wax and white oil. In addition, it is used in lubrication oil and diesel oil.2. DMSO in synthetic fiber fieldIt has the features of simple technique, high solubility, high boiling point and low cost. It is used for the production of polyester resin, chloro fiber and vinyl cyanide.3. DMSO in pharmaceutical productionIt is widely used in pharmaceutical intermediate synthesis as reaction solvent, such as, norfloxacin, ofloxacin and etc. And it is used in the preparation of berberine, and traditional Chinese medicine extraction.4. DMSO in medical treatment fieldDMSO has the effect of diminish inflammation, analgesia, wound healing, diuresis and etc. It has curative effect on neurodermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis, bursitis, epifolliculitis, rheumatoid, otitis media, piles lumbar muscle degeneration and other diseases.5. DMSO in pesticide and fertilizerDMSO is synergist of pesticide and fertilizer solvent and penetrant.6. DMSO in dyes fieldBy the adding of DMSO in dyes, the dyeing effect is improved by a large margin.7. DMSO in coatingDMSO is used as solvent, cosolvent and antifreezing agent.8. DMSO in antifreezing agentThe freezing point of pure DMSO is 18.45℃. It releases heat mixing with water and snow. Therefore, it can be used as component of motor vehicle antifreeze fluid, brake fluid and hydraulic fluid. In cold northern region, it is used as deicing agent, coating antifreezing agent and etc.9. DMSO in gas separatingIt is used as gas separating solvent in gasoline processing, chemical waste gas recycling.10. DMSO in synthetic resinIt has solubility on many natural resin and synthetic resin. Nylon, Dacron and PolyVinyl Chloride resin are soluble in DMSO under middle heat condition. In addition, it is used in artificial leather processing.11. DMSO in coking by-productsAnthracene refining;12. DMSO in the wet process smelting of rare metals13. DMSO in electronic industryDMSO is used as electrolyte of double electric layer capacitor.14. DMSO in organic synthesisIt has accelerating, catalysis and other effect in chemical reactions, such as, nucleophilic substitution, elimination reaction, electrophilic substitution reaction, and other reactions.

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