Spain-vapour phase liquid nitrogen tank KGSQ-liquid nitrogen tank capacity

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Spain-vapour phase liquid nitrogen tank KGSQ-liquid nitrogen tank capacity
Posting date : Jun 06, 2024
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In the fast-paced scientific research and medical field, it is sometimes necessary to carry samples to other countries for exchange, or transfer samples to laboratories in other regions, and this kind of transfer is not simple road transportation, but long-distance transfer with the help of high-speed trains or airplanes, and the security check is a hurdle for conventional liquid nitrogen containers. Only the liquid nitrogen tanks for air transportation, which do not contain liquid nitrogen inside but can maintain the cold transfer of samples for a long time, can be used.

Facing the high requirements of air transportation, this series of liquid nitrogen tanks has its own special structure to cope with it!

Product highlights:

1. Extremely low temperature gas phase storage: dry design, below - 190 degrees Celsius storage temperature, providing a solid low temperature environment for sensitive samples;

2. Diversified volume options: YDS aviation series liquid nitrogen tanks provide a variety of volume options from 2L to 25L to meet the transportation and storage needs of samples of different sizes;

3. No liquid nitrogen overflow risk: the internal liquid nitrogen adsorbent can absorb and preserve liquid nitrogen, so even if it encounters bumps during transportation, there is no risk of liquid nitrogen overflow, which guarantees the safety of samples; 

4. Stainless steel mesh partition technology: effectively isolate the storage space from the liquid nitrogen absorber to ensure the purity of the samples without pollution.

5. High-strength aluminum alloy material: lightweight tank design enhances durability and portability, adapting to frequent transportation needs.

6. Standard locking lid design: provides additional security for precious samples, preventing accidental leakage or loss.

7. Long-lasting durability and warranty commitment: 5-year vacuum warranty, providing you with continuous and reliable service.

KGSQ Air Transportation Liquid Nitrogen Tank, your ideal choice for long-distance sample transfer, guarding the safe journey of every life sample.


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