Laser Cutting Protective Film

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Laser Cutting Protective Film
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Laser Cutting Protective Film

product description

Laser cutting protective films come with features like adhesive backing for easy application and removal.

Benefits: They prevent damage from laser heat, debris, and scratches, ensuring a pristine cut and preserving the material's quality.

Types of Laser Cutting Protective Films

Laser cutting protective films come in various types tailored to specific needs:

Transparent Films: Ideal for materials where visibility is crucial.

Colored Films: Provide additional protection against harmful UV rays.

UV-Resistant Films: Designed to safeguard against UV damage, perfect for outdoor applications.

Applications of Laser Cutting Protective Films

Widely used in stainless steel,aluminum plastic plate and other smooth surface;matte plate,spray plate,aluminum plate,electroplate, shoes material,rubber and other special surface, particularly suitable for surface protection of fluorocarbon, vehicle and product underdeep draw process,laser cutting,automotive surface protection.

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