Corn Steep Liquor Powder with NPK 7-7-7 & amino acid 35%

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Corn Steep Liquor Powder with NPK 7-7-7 & amino acid 35%
Posting date : May 23, 2024
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1. OMRI Listed, Ecocert Approved, Vegetal Origin

2. Supporting growth of beneficial microbes

3. Cost-effective, high return as organic input.

4. Nitrogen in the form of amino acid and peptides. Readily available to the plant and not dependent on microbial activity for digestion and release.

5. Rich in Amino Acid and vitamins,excellent bio-stimulant for plants. Stimulate metabolism and transport of nutrients, promote photosynthesis.

6.Prevent plant disease, promote root development



Applications : Dissolve in water 2g --5g /L water. Foliar : 0.2kg--2kg/ha ; Soil Irrigation : 5kg-100kg/ha

Both Root or Foliar Application. Field trials prove Root Application is better.


1. Support growth of microorganisms to convert waster material into usable fertilizer. Widely used as culture media for fermented fertilizer production

2. Enhance biological activity of composts,mulches, city waste and fish by product

3. Used as substance to mix with beneficial bacteria for bio-fertilizer

4. Mix with other ingredients to produce liquid, pelleted fertilizer or biostimulant.  For example,blend with seaweed,  Humic acid, protein hydrolysate, feather meal, blood meal etc.


Suitable Plants: Most Fruits,vegetables and other crops. 

Field Proven plants : tomatoes, strawberry, blueberry, cherry,  citrus orchards, table grapes, lemon, green bean, avocado orchards, marrow, cucumber, melons, Palm Oil Trees,  Pepper Plants, lettuce

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