W 2300 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

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W 2300 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid
Posting date : May 16, 2023
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Walterscheid 2300 series
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Detailed Description

W 2300 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

Length: 1410mm

End 1 1 3/4" 6-Spline Yoke

End 2 1 3/4" 6-Spline K34 Clutch100Nm

Tubing: 0v / 1

Guard: SD15

Max. dynamic capacity, 540 rpm: 28 kW 500 Nm

Max. dynamic capacity, 1,000 RPM: 44 kW, 415 Nm

Values at 5deg working angle and service life of 1000 hours

LZ = length of slid-in in millimeters, starting between intersections

Specifications Of W 2300 Series PTO shaft

Application scope





Tractor-side 1-3/8" (6) shaft collar kit

The interval of lubrication is between 50 and 100 hours

Meets EC 993/392 EEC requirements

Conforms to EN12965 safety standard

CE mark available

It is composed of

Semi-clutch axle with shielding

Declaration of conformity

Instruction manual

PTO Shafts Parts and components

EVER-POWER's PTO shafts and parts ensure that your equipment is running. We are a top manufacturer of PTO shafts, we carry an extensive range of standard, metric, and constant velocity drivetrains and PTO shaft components and assemblies (implement clutches, yokes and oil lines). We provide drop-in replacement drivetrains as well as components that offer a simple option for customizing or fixing your system. ever-power stock a variety of CV PTO shaft drivetrains.

Tractor Yoke Cross and Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke

Slip Sleeve Tube Tube Weld Yoke Implement Yoke

Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing

PTO Control on a Farm Tractor


The simplest and most basic form for PTO can be described as a gearbox PTO. This PTO shaft can be directly linked directly to the tractor's gearbox. The PTO is only operational when the clutch of the tractor is engaged. If you take the machine out of its gear and it is it is slowing down it will stop working. PTO will cease working. This is an issue for lawn mowing.

Transmission PTOs typically have an overrunning clutch. In the absence of it, any device that is driven (such as lawn mower blade) could apply force on the PTO shaft because of inertia. It would then transfer force onto the transmission. The machine can "drive" on the tractor and, with the drive clutch of the tractor the tractor will be moving. An PTO overrunning gear stops this by permitting that the PTO shaft to move freely in a single direction. In the latest models, it is integrated in the tractor. For older models this is an extra piece of equipment attached to the PTO shaft.

Live (two-stage clutch)

The live PTO is controlled by two-stage clutch. By pressing the clutch halfway, you will disable the transmission. However, pressing it fully will disconnect the transmission and PTO. This allows the driver to reduce speed or shift gears even though the PTO is operating.


Independent PTO is the term used to describe PTO shaft is controlled independently. PTO shaft controls through a separate clutch. As with the live PTO this permits full control of the tractor as well as managing the PTO independently. There are two types of freestanding PTOs: one hydraulic, and the other mechanical. Alongside the PTO lever that is mechanically independent, the mechanically-dependent PTO has a separate switch selector. The tractor has to be shut off or stopped to alter the position of this selector. Hydraulic Independent PTO uses a single selector.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

Agriculture equipment like combiners, tractors, and harvesters are powered by their own PTO shaft. They are exposed to heavy loads and strain and it is crucial to understand the reason they failed in first initial place. Continuous compressing of the shaft could end up damaging the connecting shafts or the tractor and the implement. A PTO shaft used in the agriculture gearbox is an integral component of an agricultural tool or tractor. The PTO shaft used in an agricultural equipment is protected by a safety shield on both ends. It is commonly found on tools as well as tractor. A PTO shaft can be joined to the drive side the use of an universal joint while the rear shaft may be directly welded into the tractor.

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