The 2022 annual report of AAK Hydraulic Valves, focusing on moving one step every day

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The 2022 annual report of AAK Hydraulic Valves, focusing on moving one step ever...
Posting date : Jul 13, 2023
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The gap between grass roots is not cognition, but the skill of making money. The gap between the elite and the elite is not skills, but the perception of making money. I have always positioned myself as a grass root and have been in the hydraulic valve industry for 14 years. Now I don't need to worry about the production workshop and there is a team for technical innovation. I need to constantly learn network skills and improve the network salesperson of AAK hydraulic valves. Over the past a few years, I have achieved little and I am satisfied.


At present, in most online businesses, most salesmen hope to use a detail page to burn advertisements. Anyway, the money is the boss's, not his (her)'s. If there is no customer coming, the responsibility lies in the company, and it has nothing to do with him or her. There are not a few people who have this understanding and attitude, and they have reached a consensus. This is a lazy government in function. Lazy politics is one of the corporate cultures, which is hard to reverse. It seems that online marketing is the responsibility of advertising, and the boss is unlucky.


AAK hydraulic valve online business, is to do a lot of things online, will slowly have inquiries. Most of the time, even if you have done a lot of things, you must do the content right, which is what customers want to see and need to see. On the contrary, if the content is wrong, the effort will be wasted. Do it every day. You must do it every day. If you don't do it, you will get 100,000 why’s. Once started, there were only 3-5 questions left. There is only one reason for endless questions – you don’t do it.


AAK hydraulic valve is not directly oriented to the consumer market, but mostly oriented to enterprise customers. For a long time, AAK has been focusing on the production technology and process of hydraulic cartridge valves, benchmarking the global leader in the hydraulic industry. The invisible champion enterprises in Germany often inherit several generations, and do not pursue the road of diversified and rapid expansion, but instead dig deeply into a specific field, achieve "one finger wide, one kilometer deep", and accumulate deep technical reserves and stable market channels. This is the future of AAK hydraulic valves.


Today is the last day of 2022. I always feel that I can't say enough. I'm worried that there is no logic. I still use rules to summarize the year of AAK hydraulic valves. This is also an annual report of AAK hydraulic valves to everyone who is following AAK.

1. 326 - 326 tweets have been published annually on the AAK hydraulic valve website. It is conservatively estimated to be more than 260,000 words.


2. 86 - AAK hydraulic valve tweets are published on 86 B2B platforms every day.


3. 341 - In AAK hydraulic valve or B2B, 341 messages have been received this year. As long as it is the right category, we will reply at the first time


4. 277 - We have received 277 inquiries this year, on average, there are inquiries every working day.


5. 142 - New and old customers, cumulative trying sample for 142 items.


6. 67 - In the program library of AAK hydraulic valves, 67 non-standard hydraulic valve customization programs have been added this year.


7. 46 - On the AAK hydraulic valve website, 46 new items were launched


8. 24 - In the customer list of AAK hydraulic valve, there are 24 new customers.


9. 6 - Among the new customers generated, are from 6 new countries.


10. 176 - AAK sent 176 packages this year.


11. 24 - 24 sets of hydraulic manifolds have been customized, and the average sampling time is twice a month.


12. 674 - In the AAK hydraulic valve program library, 674 sets of hydraulic valve standard parts have been accumulated, and the benchmarking is SUN, HYDRAFORCE, HAWE, REXROTH, international brands.


The year 2023 is coming, and there is no new idea. Just keep these 3 points:

1Be optimistic about the future. Facts have proved that pessimists are absolutely right and optimists are sure to make money.

2Never complain, just check your own problems. Facts have proved that the practice of muffling and continuous improvement is effective.

3Go beyond the insistence of the surrounding people and do it every day.


Most people think that people who have been moving one step a day and accumulated continuously are clumsy and stupid. They think that there must be a shortcut to success. Unfortunately, they have taken the shortcut of life, but found it the farthest way. Someone laughed at me. Why does a person engaged in the production of hydraulic valves spend time every day on these tweets? In fact, just as Rolls Royce's advertising must be seen by the public, the public does not have the strength to buy Rolls Royce. However, if the public does not know Rolls Royce, people who drive Rolls Royce will feel that it is meaningless.


The black swan in 3 years may start to turn the page today, and do what you should do next year. I am a person who conforms to the current situation (time and situation). As long as interests do not conflict, I will not contradict what others say. Once people understand, they will become silent. It's not that you don't have the ability to get along with others, but that you don't have the interest to play tricks on the spot.


AAK hydraulic valves do not play tricks. One finger wide, one kilometer deep, I have been on the road. 

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