Detailed chicken manure organic fertilizer production process

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Detailed chicken manure organic fertilizer production process
Posting date : Nov 25, 2022
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 Eco-friendly organic fertilizer is made of chicken manure and crop straw as the main raw materials, which are processed by organic fertilizer production equipment after fermentation by multi-dimensional compound enzyme bacteria. Multidimensional compound enzyme bacteria is a micro-ecological fermentation preparation composed of 106 kinds of beneficial microorganisms, which has the effects of increasing production, high quality and disease resistance for planting and breeding.
1. Equipment: An organic fertilizer production equipment mixer, a multi-square-meter composting plant and some old sacks covered with fertilizer fermentation are required. The specific operation is carried out on a simple cement floor.
2. Raw materials: Taking the production of one ton of chicken manure as an example, one ton of chicken manure, straw powder, 5KG of cornmeal and 8KG of bacteria are needed.
3. Process flow: chicken manure - straw powder - corn flour - seedlings - stirring - stacking - (fertilizer) - drying - organic fertilizer granulator machine - packaging - delivery
First, mix chicken manure with appropriate straw powder, depending on the moisture content of chicken manure. Generally speaking, alcohol needs to have a water content of 45%, that is, when you knead the ball with your hands, you can see water between your fingers, but it does not drip and it will disperse when you touch it. Then add cornmeal and seedlings. The function of corn flour is to increase the sugar content, make the seedlings mellow, and make the multi-dimensional compound enzyme bacteria quickly occupy a greater advantage.
Then feed the mixture into the mixer for stirring, the stirring must be uniform, transparent, and no raw lumps remain.
The mixed seasonings are piled up into strips with a width of 1.5-2 meters and a height of 0.8-1 meters, covered with sacks for aerobic fermentation.
Heating in one day, odorless in two days, loose in three days, fragrant in four days, and fat in five days. Specifically, the temperature on the first day of stacking can reach 60°C-80°C to kill Escherichia coli, larvae and other pests and diseases; the second day eliminates the smell of chicken manure; on the third day, the fertilizer becomes loose and dry, covered with white bacteria silk; on the fourth day, the yeast smell; on the fifth day, the bacterial fertilizer is mellow.

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