Strengthening safety management of organic fertilizer equipment

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Strengthening safety management of organic fertilizer equipment
Posting date : Sep 26, 2022
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 1. Educating workers to strictly implement the operating procedures for the safe production of organic fertilizer equipment. In the npk production line, production personnel should be familiar with the safety knowledge of the operation, maintenance and repair of biological organic fertilizer equipment.

2. Open flames are prohibited. When maintaining and repairing equipment in the workplace, electric welding and gas welding are not allowed; often clean the dust on the lighting to prevent the dust from burning and catching fire.
3. In the production of organic fertilizer equipment, pay close attention to prevent material blocking, overflowing and overloading, and also avoid material interruption and empty warehouse. The powder silo should be kept full, and more attention should be paid when the material humidity is low.
4. Regularly check the impurity removal ability of the magnetic separation device to ensure its good working condition, and remove the adsorbed metal impurities in time.
5. During the npk fertilizer manufacturing process, the pulverizer shall not be overloaded arbitrarily to prevent overheating: always pay attention that the discharge temperature should not be too high (no more than 50%C).
6. Regularly check the ventilation and dust removal system, and remove the dust accumulated in the fan blades, air ducts, and dust collectors in time: The gaps where the dust leaks from the bio-organic fertilizer equipment must be plugged and sealed.
7. Frequently check the grounding of conveying equipment and silo and other equipment to avoid static accumulation: check electrical equipment and electrical lines to prevent loose or short circuit components.
8. The organic fertilizer equipment should pay special attention to prevent the friction between the bucket elevator shell and the hopper. If any abnormality is found in the npk fertilizer production line, it will be stopped immediately for maintenance.
9. Regularly check the lubricating oil quantity and lubrication condition of the bio-organic fertilizer equipment, as well as the bearing lubrication state, prevent the bearing from overheating, and the temperature rise of the sliding bearing should not exceed 45°C, and the rolling bearing should not exceed 60°C.
10.On the other hand, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers must continue to develop higher-quality equipment, manufacture new equipment conscientiously and responsibly, be responsible for their own products, and be responsible for the safe production of users, starting from the details, and carefully creating excellent products in the industry.

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