Installation and equipment failure solution of organic fertilizer equipment

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Installation and equipment failure solution of organic fertilizer equipment
Posting date : Sep 26, 2022
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Our fertilizer machine manufacturers introduce the installation method of organic fertilizer equipment:
1. The device should be installed on a horizontal concrete and fixed with a foot bolt.
2. Pay attention to the vertical of the main body and level when installing.
3. Check whether the bolts of each part are loose and whether the host warehouse door is tight after installation.
4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device.
5. After the inspection is completed, the air load test is performed, and the test can be produced normally.
The installation process of organic fertilizer production equipment is simple and convenient to operate, but it should be paid attention to using the machine that uses empty loads, and pay attention to regular maintenance machines. Only in this way can we ensure that the machine is used to use the machine while bringing greater economic benefits to the company.
Countermeasures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment:
(1) Maintain the initial and basic state of organic fertilizer equipment, and maintain the original parameter of design: This is the most basic job, that is, the first step of the reduction of organic fertilizer equipment is to restore the basic state of organic fertilizer equipment;
(2) Strictly abide by the operating procedures, prevent and avoid destructive operations, and prevent and avoid overload operation: Most organic fertilizer production equipment problems are caused by improper operation or inadequate maintenance. Organic fertilizer equipment caused by such simple reasons;
(3) Continuous discovery, preventing and repairing naturally degradation, so that organic fertilizer equipment is repaired in the potential failure state: the meaning of autonomous maintenance, through the first -line employees to participate in the first time to discover problems, comprehensively standardize production and maintenance, advocate discovery and advocates discovery and advocacy A very important part of removing the six source activities is to solve the problem of faults.

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