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 Full livestock feed pellet device offer for sale
Posting date : Jun 01, 2022
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Livestock feed pellet  device is a  specialist  devices for  generating feed. It is  an additional new  item developed and  introduced by the excellent technical team of Richi Machinery after years of follow-up on the site of  individuals and  taking in  sensible  tips.

Cattle feed pelleting  equipment SZLH  Collection Ring Die Pellet  Equipment is a  brand-new  kind of feed  handling machinery independently developed by Richi  Equipment  professionals with independent  copyright  civil liberties. The  equipment is  straightforward in structure, easy to operate, stable in operation,  and also can work  continually. 

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The gearbox of granulator  device for cattle adopts high-precision  equipment transmission,  as well as the hydraulic oil delivery system can automatically circulate oil between the gearbox and the main shaft bearing. When the machine is working, the oil pump continues to  function,  as well as the  maker works under the  flow of oil, which can extend the  major shaft  as well as  transmission  equipment. service life. The  functioning parts of the  livestock feed granulator machine (die plate,  pushing roller) are made of alloy steel,  and also the hardness after  warmth treatment can  get to more than HRC50, which  makes sure the continuous operation of the  equipment  and also prolongs the  life span of the cattle feed pellet  maker.

cattle feed pellet machine  appropriates for  refining corn, soybean  dish, straw,  lawn, cottonseed skin, peanut  covering  as well as other  basic materials into high-density pellets. Feed pellets are used for  increasing  animals and are convenient for storage and transportation.

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1.  Extent of application:

cattle feed pellet  equipment is suitable for  huge,  tool and  tiny  tank farming, grain feed  handling plants,  animals  ranches, cattle farms,  specific farmers  and also  little  and also medium-sized farms, farmers or  big, medium  and also  little feed  handling plants.

2. Why  utilize a  livestock feed pelletizer  maker to  procedure feed?

Feed pellets are  made use of for  increasing livestock, which is convenient for storage  as well as  transport. The produced feed by  livestock feed making machine has high  firmness, smooth  surface area  and also  interior  healing, which  enhances the  nourishment of livestock, is  simple to digest  and also absorb, and  decreases  unfavorable  impacts on digestion. Kill various parasites  as well as pathogenic  bacteria,  decrease worms  as well as  digestion system diseases. Improve the nutrient absorption conversion rate,  very easy to  consume,  and also improve the palatability of the feed.

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3.  Benefits of cattle feed pellet  equipment:

( 1) Scientific and  practical  architectural  layout,  reputable quality  as well as high efficiency;

( 2) The operation is stable, the  sound is low,  as well as the operation is  straightforward  as well as  hassle-free;

( 3) The cattle feed granulator has high  result;

( 4) Simple and  practical  procedure,  reduced  power  intake.  Practical design, more convenient maintenance;

( 5) The forming  price of the pellets from  livestock feed machine are high;

( 6) The pellet cattle feed  device can  refine  various  sort of  products  as well as has a  variety of applications;

( 7) International CE  qualification and ISO9001 certified  livestock feed pellet  device

4. Working  Concept of  livestock feed pellet machine

The motor of the cattle feed pellet  maker drives the  major shaft  via the hypoid bevel  equipment,  as well as the  major shaft drives the pressing roller to  revolve. When processing  basic materials, the raw  products are fed  right into the feeding chamber of the ring die  livestock feed pellet  device, and the materials all fall on the ring die. The main shaft drives the pressure roller to rotate, the pressure roller  continually rolls  with the  product layer,  as well as  presses the  product  right into the die  opening. The knife cuts the  product to  develop pellets,  as well as the pellets are sent out by the throwing disc.

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When the  maker is  functioning, the relative movement between the pressing roller  as well as  journalism die clamps, compresses and  condenses the material into the die  opening,  as well as forms pellets  with the die  opening. The  livestock feed pellet  equipment is driven by the motor to drive the reducer, the reducer drives the main shaft, the  major shaft drives  journalism roller  framework to run, and  journalism roller  revolves while  rotating.

5. Safety regulations for daily operation of  livestock feed pellet  device

( 1)  Employees  use  limited work  garments, do not open the cuffs, do not  use  handwear covers,  use  safety caps  as well as dust masks,  and also  should concentrate when operating.

( 2)  Inspect the oil level of the reducer, the oil level of the main shaft bearing of the  livestock feed pellet  maker  as well as the bearing of the  stress roller.

( 3) Familiar with the working  concept of the  livestock feed manufacturing  equipment and the structure  and also  feature of each part.

( 4) Check whether there is  any type of  particles in the cattle feed pellet making  maker  as well as whether the screws  hang, adjust the spindle nut with a wrench  and afterwards lock it.

( 5) The motor of the  livestock feed pellet making machine  needs to be started  without  lots before it can  function,  as well as the direction is  purely  forbidden.

( 6) It is strictly  restricted to open the door of the machine at will during the production  procedure, and do not reach into the granulation  area.

( 7) The  livestock feed pellet  equipment  need to be  based  securely,  as well as the main power supply  should be  detached before  examining the machine.

( 8) When  functioning, check  and also remove the metal on the magnetic separator at the  entry at any time, pay close attention to the working  problems, and shut down in time if  any kind of abnormality is  discovered.

6.  Item  Functions of  livestock feed pellet  maker.

( 1) The seal of the pressing roller  and also the  major shaft bearing of the cattle pellet feed  maker  takes on a fully  confined  style, the bearing and  oil are free of  contamination, the bearing life is long,  as well as the equipment  upkeep time is saved.

( 2) The  total  pushing roller of the cattle feed pellet  equipment  takes on a three-roller  layout to improve  journalism work efficiency,  as well as the pressing roller  appropriates for a wider range of  basic materials.

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( 3) The material of the die plate of the cattle feed pellet  device has been  totally upgraded, the alloy steel is  built and  refined,  and also after  vacuum cleaner  warmth  therapy, the material is wear-resistant, high in hardness  as well as long in service life.

( 4) The die  opening of the die plate of the cattle feed pelletizing machine is  refined by  automated CNC  exploration, with high processing precision and good finish, which can improve the  efficiency of the  maker  and also reduce the production cost.

( 5 )The reduction box of the cattle feed pellet  equipment adopts hypoid bevel  equipment, which has high transmission  effectiveness, stable transmission, high bearing capacity,  trustworthy  procedure,  portable  framework, energy  conserving,  product  conserving, space  conserving, wear resistance,  lengthy life and  sound  little bit.

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