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Silver plated conductive nylon fiber blended with cotton Anti-Static ring spun y...
Posting date : Aug 09, 2019
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Pure silver plated conductive nylon staple fiber 3D*51mm blended with cotton for spinning anti bacteria socks  fabrics


Product Description

Specifications could be customized.

3D*38mm 3D*51mm 4D*76mm        



Based materials: nylon 6 FDY.Percentage of pure silver: 20% approx.Resistivity: less than 10^3 ohm. Elongation at break: 40~60%.Tenacity at break: 3.5±0.25cN/dtexColor: silver grey


Acid resistant(in addition to Oxidizing acids), could bearhydrochloric acid that the density of solution is 150ml/L.Oxidative resistant to a certain extent and resistance to restore(inaddition to carbolic acid). Has excellent alkali resistance. Has goodbinding force, the resistivity is less than 50 ohms/cm after washing 100times.


Characteristics and application*******a) ESD(anti static)As the resistivity of it is less than 40ohms/cm,so, it has excellent anti static properties.


b) Anti-EMR(anti electromagnetic wave radiation)As the low resistivity of it, the fabricswhich is made of silver plated nylon filament has good shielding electromagnetic wave radiationeffectiveness .

The shielding efficiency is more than 56DB at 0.15MHz~3GHz. Therefore,they are mainly used for making anti radiation garments(maternitydress) and uniform(for worker), curtains, anti bacteria textiles, antiradiation mosquito net, cell phone anti-interference bags, shieldingradio frequency wallet(protect your bank card from leaking information), etc. .


c) Anti-bacteriaAs you known, the silver ion is extremely active, so, it hasgood anti bacteria ability. further, it could eliminate the body odour.


d) Gathering heat and heat preservationAs the excellent ability of silver fiber, it has highefficiency of heat gatherring and preservation. At the same time, themore the circumstance is warm and moist, the more the silver ion is active. And, ithas better heat-conducting property. Therefore, it could regulate thebody temperature and humidity to a certain extent.


e) ApplicationMainly used for home textiles, garments(anti bacteria socks, socks for varicosity, underwear, etc.)and intelligent textiles, special medical guard textiles,military and automobiles and air-conditioner other industrial fields, etc. .


Packaging & Shipping

 net weight: 15kg/carton. Size of carton: 56cm*56cm*60cm.

By DHL, by general air transportation, by sea, all are ok.

Our Services

 Free samples is 30grams approx.



 a) After blending with cotton, then spinning, could used for knitting touchscreen gloves  worn in winter?

     Of course, as it has good conductivity.



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