PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belts

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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belts
Posting date : Mar 29, 2024
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PTFE Teflon Coated Fiberglass Belts | Non-Stick, Heat Resistant, Food Grade | Baking, Freezing, Packaging

A PTFE coated fiberglass belt is crafted from either PTFE coated fabric or PTFE coated open mesh fabric, incorporating necessary joints, edge reinforcement, and a tracking system.

These belts find widespread use across various industries, including the production of food items, baked and fried products, PVC-backed carpets, extruded rubber products for the automobile industry, non-woven fabrics, screen printing materials, electrical and electronic products, as well as the packaging industry.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belts Key Features

Exceptional release properties, effective even for adhesive foods like flour-based doughs and sugar-coated products such as doughnuts or chocolate.

Operating temperature range: Heat resistant up to 260℃, Cold resistant down to -70℃.

100% Non-stick surface, facilitating easy removal of various substances like adhesives, paint, resin, and chemicals.

Chemically inert and resistant, capable of withstanding a wide range of chemicals.

Lightweight yet possesses high tensile strength.

Outstanding flex fatigue resistance, suitable for use with small rollers.

Open mesh belt with excellent permeability, reducing heat wastage and enhancing drying efficiency.

Compliant with FDA Food Grade standards.

Key Applications 

  • Smart Solution for a Wide Variety of Baking Processes

PTFE coated fiberglass belts are used in baking processes because of their excellent release properties. They allow for easy release of various baked goods, such as flour-based doughs and sugar-coated products like doughnuts or chocolate, without sticking. The non-stick surface and high-temperature resistance make them a smart choice for baking applications.

  • Screen Printing

The tough and durable nature of PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belts , coupled with their suitability for conveying various materials through drying ovens and different printing processes, makes them well-suited for the demanding requirements of the screen printing and graphic arts industry.

1. Tape for Silkscreen Table Covers
2. Print Dryer Belts for Various Materials
3. Feed and Take-Off Belts
4. Belts for Conveying Printed Circuit Boards

  • Cryogenic Freezing

In cryogenic freezing, where extremely low temperatures are involved, PTFE coated fiberglass belts provide reliable performance. Their ability to withstand cold temperatures down to -70℃ makes them suitable for applications such as freezing processes in the food industry.

  • UV Drying Machine

UV drying machines utilize PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh belts to cure or dry materials with ultraviolet light. The belts’ chemical inertness and high-temperature resistance make them well-suited for this application.

  • Shrink Tunnels for Packaging

PTFE coated fiberglass belts are used in shrink tunnels for packaging applications. Their non-stick surface and resistance to chemicals ensure that packaging materials move smoothly through the tunnel without sticking or causing any damage.

  • Garment Fusing Press

Garment fusing presses utilize PTFE coated fiberglass belts to bond fabrics together with heat and pressure. The seamless and non-stick characteristics of PTFE belts are advantageous in preventing any joint impressions on garments during the pressing process.

  • Rubber Profile Extrusion and Curing

PTFE coated fiberglass belts are employed in the extrusion and curing of rubber profiles. Their excellent flex fatigue resistance and chemical resistance contribute to efficient and reliable processing in the rubber industry.

  • Jerky Grilling, Food Drying, and Steam Cooking

In the food industry, PTFE coated fiberglass belts are used for applications such as jerky grilling, food drying, and steam cooking. The non-stick surface ensures easy release, and the belts can withstand the high temperatures involved in these processes.

  • Tortilla Pressing

PTFE coated fiberglass belts designed for tortilla pressing offer oil resistance and abrasion resistance. Their unique coating reduces oil ingression and discoloration, ensuring a high release between pressed dough and the belt.

  • Rotary Band Sealer

PTFE coated fiberglass belts are employed in rotary band sealers, ensuring a smooth and reliable sealing process. The belts’ non-stick properties contribute to consistent and efficient sealing.

  • Hygiene Roll and Tissue Packaging

PTFE coated fiberglass belts are used in hygiene roll and tissue packaging processes, providing a non-stick surface that facilitates the smooth movement of materials during packaging.

  • Automatic Tabber Stringer for Solar Panel Manufacturing

PTFE coated fiberglass belts play a crucial role in the automatic tabber stringer process for solar panel manufacturing. Their reliability and non-stick properties contribute to the precision required in this manufacturing application.

  • Carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Laminated Flooring Manufacturing

In the manufacturing of carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, and laminated flooring, PTFE coated fiberglass belts, particularly laminated PTFE fiberglass belts, are used. The continuous thickness and durability of these belts make them suitable for various processes in flooring manufacturing.

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