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Plastic & Steel Conveyor Chains
Posting date : Mar 29, 2024
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Saryee Belting Proudly Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Plastic And Steel Conveyor Chains

Saryee Belting offers a comprehensive range of plastic & steel conveyor chains designed to cater to various industrial needs. The inclusion of different types of chains and accompanying components suggests a versatile solution for conveyor applications.

  • Slat Top Steel Chains:

    These chains are robust and suitable for industries dealing with heavy-duty materials or high-speed applications. Their design allows them to handle broken glass or debris without compromising functionality.
  • Slat Top Plastic Chains:

    Similar to plastic chains in general, these might provide a lightweight and silent alternative suitable for conveying various container types, especially in industries like food and packaging.
  • Low Back Pressure (LBP) Chains

    LBP chains are often designed to minimize the pressure applied to conveyed items. They are suitable for applications where products need to move smoothly without excessive force.
  • Snap-on Chains

    Snap-on chains are known for their ease of assembly and disassembly. They are convenient for maintenance purposes and quick adjustments to the conveyor system.
  • Flexible Chains

    Flexible chains are designed to adapt to curves and twists in conveyor systems. This flexibility is valuable in setups where the conveyor path isn’t entirely straight.

The availability of a range of sprockets, idlers, and inserts complements the conveyor chain offerings, ensuring a comprehensive solution for conveyor system design and maintenance.

Wide Range Of Conveyor Chains Available

In various industries, there is a growing demand for chain conveyor solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective. Our plastic & steel  chains range presents over 50 diverse types of top-notch chains, encompassing straight-running as well as radius/side-flexing variations. Compliant with industry standards, our chains seamlessly operate on the majority of systems and sprockets available today, facilitating easy retrofits without the need for conveyor modifications.

The products within our Conveyor Chains lineup are crafted from a broad selection of innovative materials, providing effective solutions to challenges. These materials showcase key features such as low friction, heightened chemical resistance, resistance to high temperatures, and anti-static and magnetic properties.

Our clientele spans across various sectors including automotive, bakery, beverage and canning, materials handling, meat, poultry and fish processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, textiles, and tissue.

  • Straight Chains

Primarily utilized in the food and packaging industry for conveying packed products, bottles, and cans, straight chains are available in a diverse range of materials and designs, including:

– Slat top plastic chains
– Slat top steel chains
– LBP chains equipped with small rollers for low-pressure case accumulation
– Snap-on chains flat top

  • Radius Chains

Designed for applications in the food and packaging industry, radius chains facilitate the conveyance of packaged products, bottles, and cans. These chains are offered in various materials and come with tab, bevel, or magnetic designs as needed. The options include:

– Slat top plastic chains
– Slat top steel chains
– LBP chains equipped with small rollers for low-pressure case accumulation
– Snap-on chains flat top, also available with rubber inserts
– Flexible chains, providing a highly flexible solution for modular conveyor systems

  • Materials

Saryee Belting Plastic & Steel Chains products are manufactured from top-quality materials, offering a range of options to suit different requirements:

– Standard POM: Known for good strength and a favorable coefficient of friction, this entry-level material is suitable for standard or low-speed applications.
– Low-friction POM: Featuring a low coefficient of friction, high strength, and excellent abrasion resistance, this material is ideal for high-speed applications with reduced lubrication.
– Carbon steel and stainless steel: Tailored for heavy-duty or abrasive applications.
– Special materials: A selection of special materials with added features, including extra strength, enhanced wear resistance, low electrical surface resistance, metal or X-ray detectability, and high chemical resistance, is also available.

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