Commodity name: thermal manikin

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Commodity name: thermal manikin
Posting date : Jan 13, 2023
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The human body not only dissipates heat to the surrounding environment through conduction, convection, and radiation, but also loses heat through the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the human skin. If the water vapor can diffuse to the surrounding environment through the clothing system in time, people will feel comfortable. If the clothing blocks the passage of water vapor, the humidity in the microclimate between the human skin and the clothing will increase, and the water vapor will accumulate to a certain extent and condense. into water, making people feel uncomfortable. When the human body performs strenuous activities or is in a hot environment, the evaporation of sweat becomes an important way for the human body to lose heat. At this time, it is even more required that the clothes have sufficient water vapor transmission capacity. It can be seen that it is necessary to accurately test the evaporation resistance of clothing in order to make a comprehensive evaluation of the heat and moisture transfer performance of clothing.

Thermal manikin system devices are used in:

Building heat ventilation and air conditioning, comfort in airplanes and cars, thermal resistance testing of various clothing, research on wet suits and sportswear, analysis of the impact of heating and cooling rooms on the human body, high and low temperature environments, such as special fire experiment environments.

1. Building thermal energy ventilation and air conditioning. 2. Evaluation of aircraft and automobiles. 3. Thermal resistance test of various clothing. 4. Research on wet suits and sportswear. 5. Analysis of the impact of heating and cooling rooms on the human body.

6. In high and low temperature environment, such as special fire experiment environment.

Walter Sweating Fabric Mannequin,Sweating fabric manikin (Walter) Price - QINSUN ( 

The dummy can test the detailed data system, the dummy itself does not have fingers and faces. The dummy has higher strength. Nearly 700m of pure nickel wire is placed inside the dummy from the fingers to the nasal cavity. The independent smart electric arm ensures the accuracy of the measurement process. The intelligent circuit inside each part ensures the accuracy of the measurement, and the built-in heat conduction system ensures good uniformity. At the same time, the dummy can be divided into two parts, which is easy to transport.

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