Large Volume Smart Foot Bath

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Large Volume Smart Foot Bath
Posting date : Nov 23, 2022
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FOB Price
Min. Order Quantity
Rated power 450W
Supply Abillity
DC220V Permanent magnet DC motor
Exposed power cord≥5.9ft.
Payment Terms
Input voltage specification: 220V AC ∕50Hz
Rated power 450W
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Product Detail
Company Info
Quick Detail
Place of Origin
China [CN]
Brand Name
Large Volume
Model Number
220V AC ∕50Hz
Package & Delivery Lead Time
Rated power 450W
Delivery Lead Time
15 minutes
Detailed Description
It has the functions of massage, heating, surfing, and regular temperature setting. In terms of massage function, it is not only limited to foot massage, but also matched with calf massage. After starting the machine, it can more effectively stimulate the acupuncture points of legs and feet, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, improve health, and improve body immunity. In terms of surfing function, it can play a flexible massage function after power on, relieve muscle tension, improve foot microcirculation, and promote physical health.
In the function of timed temperature setting, it can effectively control and maintain the water temperature that the human body feels comfortable. After starting the machine, it can be freely adjusted between 35-46 degrees to reach the temperature you set.
This machine will automatically maintain a constant temperature, so that you can fully enjoy the comfort brought by the foot bath, pay more attention to the humanized design, and bring people a new experience and enjoyment.

1) Product dimensions: 395*340*340mm

2) Outer box size: 445*410*390mm
3) Product quality: 3.7kg (net weight), 4.8kg (gross weight)
4) Packing quantity: 1PCS/CT
802D-F is a brand new upgraded foot bath. Large volume water tank of 11 liters. Smart one-button start is also equipped with a wireless remote control and LCD digital display.

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