Teach you the choice of electric vehicle charging cable

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Teach you the choice of electric vehicle charging cable
Posting date : Sep 03, 2022
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Vehicle exhaust emissions are the main cause of air pollution.In order to green the environment and reduce energy consumption, the electrification of vehicles such as cars, buses and even garbage trucks has become a global consensus.

However, vehicle mileage and charging issues are still the main factors limiting the advancement of electric vehicle research and development.Car charging is inseparable from the charging cable.The charging cable is the link between the car and the charging equipment.So, how to choose the charging cable to better last for the car?

Charging pile cables need to meet the following standards:

1. Conductor: The conductor belongs to the standard conductor in EN 50620.The number of cores is 3 cores to 7 cores with or without signal control lines.

2. Insulation: When the charging pile cable meets the requirements of the relevant standards, the appropriate material is used as the insulating layer to wrap the conductor and must meet the solid requirements.

3. Sheath: Use standard and qualified sheath material to cover the shield, fit tightly without leaving gaps and cannot adhere to the shielding layer.

The product information and parameters of the electric vehicle charging cable produced by OMG are as follows, according to which they all meet the relevant standards.

For more electric vehicle cables and electric vehicle charging cables, please visit OMG official website: https://www.omgevcable.com/




 Rated temperature :-40℃~90℃

Material: Bare Copper

Rated Voltage : AC 300/500V、 450/750V;DC 1000V


Flame Test :VW-1 Test method Comply with UL 2556

Material: ERP

Min: Bending Radius: ≥6*OD

Color: Brown,Blue,Yellow/Green

Dielectric Voltage: 2.5kVac/15min.No Breakdown


Low temperature impact :-40℃, No cracks

Material: PP Cord

Hot Shock:150℃/1h No cracks


Oil Resistance :IRM902,IRM903,Gasoline 20h OD Variation≤15% No Cracks

Material:Non-woven fabrics

Crush resistance:Sq≤4, crush force≥4KN ;4≤Sq≤35, crush force≥11KN;


Resistance to Acid and alkali:168h, Tensile Strength Variation ≤30%;Elongation≥100%

Material: TPU

Environmental Requirements:Compliant with RoHS and REACH

Color: Black (customizable)


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