Cold-pressed screw oil press for sale

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Cold-pressed screw oil press for sale
Posting date : Jan 12, 2022
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features of Cold-pressed screw oil press

1. The low-temperature pressed oil is light in color and rich in nutrients. Pure oil can be obtained by precipitation and filtration, which saves refining costs and reduces refining consumption.

2. The protein damage of the low-temperature press cake is small, which is conducive to the full utilization of oilseed protein.

3. The pressing temperature is low (room temperature 10℃~50℃).

4. During the pressing process, the oilseeds are not in contact with any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching soil and chemical additives. The processed oil and cake have little loss of nutrients and trace elements, and the cake has a high protein content.

5. High oil yield-compared with the old equipment, the normal oil yield can be 2 to 3 percentage points higher, and an average of 2-6 catties per hundred catties of peanuts can be processed, and the annual economic benefits are very considerable.

6. Energy saving - the same output can reduce the electric power by 40%. Calculated by saving 6 kWh of electricity per hour on average, the daily production can save 30 yuan in electricity bills.

7. Labor saving - the same output can save labor by 60%, 1 to 2 people can organize production, and the daily labor effect can be saved about 40 yuan.

8. Wide range of uses - one machine can be used for more than 30 kinds of oil crops, such as peanut, flax, sesame, rapeseed, oil sunflower, cottonseed, soybean and so on. Multi-stage pressing, one pressing.

9. Pure oil quality--vacuum filter residues to ensure pure oil quality and meet health and quarantine standards.

10. Small footprint - the oil mill needs 10-20 square meters to be used.

ABC Machinery aims to offer you access with plant seed oil extraction equipment to an efficient, affordable and environment-friendly technology for pressing edible oil that helps you to achieve much greater extraction rates and puts you in control of your own production, quality, marketing and added value for your own. Our hot sale products include mustard oil extraction process machine, cooking oil making machine, oil refinery machine, etc.

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