Maglev Turbo Blower of RAETTS 50-400HP

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Maglev Turbo Blower of RAETTS 50-400HP
Posting date : Jun 10, 2021
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Maglev Turbo Blower of RAETTS 50-400HP

Objects floating in the air are human dreams since ancient times. Magnetic suspension technique is a technology that uses magnetic force to overcome gravity to make objects levitate. Maglev turbo blower is a typical application of this technology.

The maglev turbo centrifugal blower adopts a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive structure, which integrates the centrifugal impeller and the motor drive. It detects the vibration of the rotor shaft and the space gap of the rotor shaft in real time through the built-in displacement sensor, and sends the obtained signal into The Maglev Bearing controller performs conditioning, analysis, and calculation to generate a control current, which is then input to the magnetic bearing winding coil to generate electromagnetic force, thereby realizing the suspension of the rotor shaft.

The maglev turbo blower relies on the magnetic field to suspend the bearing and maintain high-speed operation. This kind of bearing is different from the traditional roller bearing. There is no physical contact point between the rotating shaft and the bearing during operation, so it does not need lubricating oil and has low energy loss. According to the actual required working conditions, the motor speed can be accurately adjusted through the frequency converter to adjust the outlet air volume, the air volume regulation range is wider.

RAETTS Blower Eight Advantages

01 German Descent: Originated from German technology

02 Dual Machine: The world’s first company maglev + air-bearing blower Dual product brand strategy

03 Reasonable Price: Sino-foreign joint venture factory Core components authorized for local production in China

04 Flexible Cooperation: Support agent, support OEM Support 2-5 years warranty

05 Ingenuity Inheritance: German craftsmanship is world-renowned Produced by RAETTS, it must be a boutique

06 Iterative Innovation: Bearing & impeller continue to iterate Can repair Korean and Chinese made maglev blower

07 Rich Production Line: 50kw-500kw Maglev blower stable production Support non-standard customization/industry customization

08 Gold Medal After-sales: Reject third-party repairs Full transparency of parts costs and working hours

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RAETTS is a High-Tech High-Speed Turbo Blower and Centrifugal Blower Fan manufacturer supplier combine with research & development, production and sales. We devote ourselves to give the world the most professional Turbo Blower application and solution systems to meet specific application needs while maximizing energy efficiencies and lowering operating costs.

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