Multifunctional magic melamine foam

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Multifunctional magic melamine foam
Posting date : Apr 28, 2021
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What Make Magic Melamine Foam DO A Job Really Great?

Now, the magic melamine foam is rather top sellers in the primary retail online sales, like Amazon, eBay, Tmall, and even Tiktok. Do you also like to use the magic melamine foam to clean your kitchen? You would be curious about where the cleaning power came from. Let’s probe into the issue together.

What Is Magic Eraser?

The raw material is 100% melamine resin foam. It has been called the 8th great innovation of the 21st century. The nano sponge is deem to the lightest plastic in the world. So perhaps you hear that the magic sponge cleaner is put into use the aerospace plane to lessen weight. Also, this specialty also makes cleaning more easily. Do you feel the magic eraser more miraculous? It not only can serve as as a housekeeper not also service the aerospace business. What a genius item!


Why It Has So Much Unique Cleaning?

In the cleaning field, its performance is such outstanding. Why it has excellent cleaning and decontamination effect? The reason is that the magic eraser has countless open cells and three-dimensional mesh structures, foam with fine open cells, which spontaneously adsorb the stains into the foam following the cleaning. The grime will not stay at the surface of items but in the magic cleaning sponge. So the cleaning is more complete and faster.


The Physical Decontamination Way Of Magic Sponge

As advertised you see in the market, the magic sponge cleaner is a type of multifunctional cleaning product. No matter mark pen, scuff marks, or baked-on grease. Without any chemicals, only wet it in the running water, then scrub it on dirt and stains. The nano sponge just needs water to motivate its power. You will see good cleaning effect quickly. Hence, it is called a kind of eco-friendly cleaning product, better for our environment.


What Are The These Structures Like?

Below is the photo of the magic melamine foam under a microscope. You can notice, there are so many hexagonal opening cells are linked by intricate fibers. When these structures meet water, these microfibers of foam will become tough as glass. These microfibers go deep into stains. And the open cells help it in capturing dirt into the sponge. How outstanding these structures!


What Surfaces Can You Use Nano Sponge On?

You can use a magic sponge on cleaning everywhere of the home. For most grime we look at in life, you will notice the evident effect by using the nano sponge across the surfaces. Remove scuff marks and crayons from walls and ground-in grime on shoes. Make your bathroom faucets and shower shiny again. Eliminate baked-on grime on the stovetop, etc.


What Can You Not Use White Magic Eraser On?

From the part of its structures, you may learn that it is better to make a patch test before using it on whole surfaces, because it may wipe the cover of objects away. However every surface is different, even if the similar things, maybe they have different kinds of material and quality. Therefore, we are not able to point out what you can’t clean exactly. If I have to say some surfaces, the highly polished surfaces may be more possible to happen, like finished-wood, copper, dark wall, car body, and so on.

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