CZH4AA Ultrasound Machine Maintenance For Hitachi HI VISION Preirus RX Board

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CZH4AA Ultrasound Machine Maintenance For Hitachi HI VISION Preirus RX...
Posting date : Feb 23, 2021
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Repair Hitachi HI VISION Preirus RX board CZH4AA


1. Model: CZH4AA

2. Maintenance time: 2-4 days

3. Warranty: 60 days after fixed


We provide exchange and repair for various ultrasonic board/parts, please contact us for further information!

 CZH4AA Ultrasound Machine Maintenance For Hitachi HI VISION Preirus RX Board 0

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Q: How's the stock condition?
A: Wide variety of Ultrasound probe/board, over 10,000 pcs in stock, involved in popular brands and systems(GE, Hitachi Aloka, Siemens,Toshiba, Philips, Esaote---)

Q: Is there any guarantee for the goods?
A: Fully-tested and safe packing before shipping, less than 3% warranty return claims of previous orders.



Q: Will you provide warranty?

A: Items are sold with NO WARRANTY, unless it is stated otherwise in the body of the proforma invoice/purchase order. Mostly 90 days for new original, 30/60 days for used.



Q: Can I have the goods returned if it is not working good?
A: Yes, goods are permitted to be returned in same received condition within 7 days. Refund will be handled within 2-4 working days after final confirmation (Freight & bank fee excluded). Shipping fee for return should be borne by buyers. No returns after 3 days if ordered wrong.



Q: If faults occurred after warranty date, can I contact you?

A: Sure, feel free to contact even years later. We'll look into the faults and try to find out some solutions/suggestions for you reference.



What information do customers need to offer in advance before repair?


1. The brand and model of the machine

2. Video or pictures of machine malfunction

3. Natural failure or artificial failure (for example, has it been repaired)

4. Accidental failure or frequent failure

5. All Philips machines can do self-test, the same is true for HI VISION Avius and Preirus

6. Whether there is difference between connecting probe or not ( test selectively according to the machine fault, for example, if there is voltage error, the probe can be disconnected for test)

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