6-hole crucible ultra high temp electron beam evaporation coating machine

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6-hole crucible ultra high temp electron beam evaporation coating mac...
Posting date : Jul 17, 2020
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Electron Beam Evaporation Coating System

The equipment uses electron beam evaporation as coating equipment. It is mainly used to prepare various conductive thin films, semiconductor thin films, ferroelectric thin films, optical thin films, micro-fabrication of micro and nano devices, sample pretreatment of electron microscopy, etc. It is especially suitable for evaporating various refractory metal materials. It can be used not only on hard substrates such as glass and silicon wafers, but also on flexible substrates such as PDMS, PTFE and PI.


Technical parameters of equipment

Conditions of use
ambient temperature 5 ~40 C
Power supply
three-phase 380 V
<20 KW
Water pressure
Vacuum chamber size
evaporation chamber size: Phi 500 *H500
Electronic gun
a new type of electronic gun, 6-hole crucible
Sample turntable
Sample size: <150mm, sample can be rotated, and the distance between sample and electron gun can be adjusted up and down (Sample holder shape is designed according to user's requirements), heating temperature <500 C.
System Vacuum
Limit vacuum: baked for 12 to 24 hours, continuously pumped less than 5x10-5Pa
Pumping Rate: Vacuum < 5x10-4Pa within 40 minutes from atmospheric start
System Leakage Rate: Measuring Vacuum Vacuum Degree of Vacuum Chamber < 10Pa after 12 hours of shutdown
Vacuum pumping system
FB1200 molecular pump + mechanical pump (TRP-36) system with bypass pumping
Coating monitoring
SQM160 film thickness meter is used for monitoring.
Coating thickness
The unevenness of coating thickness is less than 6%

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