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Ghana-liquid nitrogen tank for cell storage price KGSQ
Posting date : Jun 18, 2024
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In the field of cryopreservation of biological samples, the KGSQ laboratory liquid nitrogen tank series provides laboratory users with efficient and safe solutions with its excellent performance and innovative design. The 65L laboratory liquid nitrogen tank with a diameter of 216mm has become the preferred choice for storing biological samples such as cells, blood, and frozen sperm in scientific research, animal husbandry, and medical industries with its spacious storage space and optimized sampling convenience.

Its advantages:

65L large capacity, 216mm large-diameter design;

Can be equipped with 6 square shelves to meet different storage needs;

Polyurethane foam neck plug effectively reduces liquid nitrogen volatilization;

Optional liquid nitrogen intelligent monitoring system to ensure sample safety;

Can be equipped with a liquid nitrogen tank transport vehicle to facilitate laboratory mobility needs;

5-year vacuum warranty, CE certification to ensure product quality and safety;

Details are as follows:

Large-diameter design, more convenient sampling

The 65-liter laboratory liquid nitrogen tank adopts a large-diameter design, which not only makes it easy for laboratory users to take samples, but also improves the safety of operation. This design innovation makes cumbersome sample management simple and intuitive.

Flexible cell storage solution

For different storage needs, the 65L liquid nitrogen tank is equipped with 6 square racks, and the total storage capacity of cryopreservation tubes can reach 2,400 tubes; although the container is equipped with 6 racks as standard, if the current cell tubes are less than this amount, but it is determined that the subsequent increase will require the use of a 65-liter laboratory liquid nitrogen tank, 1-2 cryopreservation racks can be temporarily vacant, and all will be put into use after the number of cells increases.

Such flexibility ensures that the laboratory can choose the appropriate storage solution according to actual needs.

Efficient insulation, reduced volatility The neck plug of the liquid nitrogen tank is made of polyurethane foam material. The application of this innovative material significantly reduces the volatility rate of liquid nitrogen, extends the service life of liquid nitrogen, and also reduces operating costs.

Intelligent monitoring, safety guarantee In order to further improve the safety and convenience of container use, the 65L liquid nitrogen tank can be equipped with an intelligent monitoring system. The system can monitor the liquid level and temperature of liquid nitrogen in real time to ensure that the sample is always kept in a low-temperature and safe state.

Portable transportation, worry-free maintenance Considering the laboratory's mobility needs, a dedicated 65L liquid nitrogen tank transporter can be equipped to make sample transportation easier and safer.

At the same time, we provide a 5-year vacuum warranty to ensure long-term stable operation of the product. In addition, KGSQ liquid nitrogen tanks have passed CE certification and meet international safety standards.

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