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Austria liquid nitrogen semen tank KGSQ Liquid Nitrogen Trolley
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Currently, it is the peak season for species reproduction, and veterinarians and related practitioners seem to be in a cycle, continuously doing artificial insemination work.

Insemination is not like the static storage of sperm, which is stable in one position. When carrying out insemination work, it is usually necessary to travel long distances into mountains or other areas. During this period, in order to ensure that the sperm activity is safe and the quality is excellent, they usually carry frozen semen storage tanks, which are also what we often call livestock liquid nitrogen tanks.

Livestock liquid nitrogen tanks are a series of economical and practical liquid nitrogen containers designed for the breeding industry. In addition to portable small-capacity tanks, such as 3 liters, 6 liters, and 10 liters, it also has large-capacity tanks suitable for long-term static storage, such as 30 liters and 35 liters.

There is also a 16-liter frozen semen storage liquid nitrogen tank suitable for vehicle use.

Among them, portable and vehicle-mounted frozen semen storage tanks are more suitable for artificial insemination in the current season. Portable single handle, small capacity, one person can carry it back and forth, 50mm small diameter, small daily evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen. The car-mounted frozen sperm tank is not a traditional oval, but narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. It has a stable center of gravity and is not easily shaken. It is placed in the trunk to transport sperm to ensure safety during transportation.

One is suitable for short-distance semen collection or artificial insemination, and the other is suitable for long-distance transportation to relatively distant areas for breeding.

Another large-capacity frozen semen storage tank is placed at home to store the collected semen. It is heavy and difficult to move. In addition, the weight of the sperm tube and liquid nitrogen makes it even more inconvenient to move. If you need to use tools for indoor movement, , that is, the liquid nitrogen tank trolley is more secure.

The liquid nitrogen tank trolley is a device specially used for short-distance transfer of liquid nitrogen containers indoors. Made of stainless steel and has a certain load-bearing capacity. At the same time, it is also equipped with swivel casters with strong resistance, corrosion resistance and noise resistance, which makes the liquid nitrogen tank more stable and less likely to shake during transportation, ensuring the safety and stability of the liquid nitrogen container.

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