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Indonesia seman container KGSQ 20L liquid nitrogen dewar
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Currently, we are in the peak breeding season and artificial insemination is busier than usual. For livestock improvement and breeding and insemination work, they will use livestock liquid nitrogen tanks to preserve high-quality frozen semen. Because there will be regional differences in breeding, one is in the south and the other is in the north. Taking cow semen as an example, if its characteristics are not preserved in a low-temperature environment, it is difficult to survive, and the quality of frozen semen cannot be guaranteed. The liquid nitrogen tank has therefore become a "special cryogenic container" for storing frozen semen.

Moreover, with the continuous growth of animal husbandry and the development of science and technology, the types of liquid nitrogen tanks have become more abundant.

Users have more choices!

So how should a user choose?

What capacity of liquid nitrogen container is usually used?

It can be divided into two categories according to how it is used.

When going out to collect semen for breeding, choose a small capacity

When going out to collect semen, the quantity is generally small, and you will go to remote mountainous areas. Most of them choose portable small-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks, ranging from 6 liters to 10 liters.

There is also a 16-liter short tank that can be mounted on the car. It is relatively short, has a stable chassis, and has a long heat preservation time.

For long-term storage indoors, choose large capacity

For long-term storage of frozen semen indoors, choose a 30-liter or 35-liter liquid nitrogen tank with a diameter of 125mm. Its static storage time is about 3 months. It is very suitable for indoor storage because it does not require frequent refills of liquid nitrogen. , the number of stored frozen semen is between 5,000-20,000, which can meet the needs of most frozen semen customers.

To sum up, you can choose 6, 10, or 16 liters of 50mm caliber livestock liquid nitrogen tanks for out-of-town semen collection; 30, 35 liters of 125mm for long-term storage, and of course the number of frozen semen tubes must be combined!

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