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cuba cryogenic freezer liquid nitrogen KGSQ cryo storage tank
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As we all know, liquid nitrogen tanks are used to store liquid nitrogen and preserve biological samples. They can maximize the low-temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen. It is used in different industries such as medical research and industrial cold assembly. Small gas phase liquid nitrogen tanks, although also called liquid nitrogen tanks, are very different from traditional liquid nitrogen tanks.

Then let’s start talking about where they differ.

Small gas-liquid phase tank, it is a new type of liquid nitrogen biological container between the YDS series and YDD series. It has the same aviation aluminum material as YDS. The inner and outer tanks are made of the same material. It is relatively light but strong and has good thermal insulation effect. . It also has the same gas-liquid phase dual-mode storage and intelligent management system as YDD; and the only difference between it and traditional liquid nitrogen tanks is the storage mode!

Different storage modes

There is only one storage mode for traditional liquid nitrogen tanks, which is the liquid phase - the sample is completely immersed in liquid nitrogen.

However, this is also its advantage. The temperature of frozen samples is relatively low, the storage time is longer and the maintenance cost is relatively low.

However, there are also disadvantages. During use, you must always pay attention to the liquid level in the tank, replenish liquid nitrogen in time, and keep it covering the sample to avoid rapid evaporation of liquid nitrogen that affects sample safety.

There are two storage modes for small gas phase tanks, gas phase and liquid phase.

The gas phase uses low-temperature nitrogen evaporated from liquid nitrogen to preserve biological samples for a long time. This preservation method does not come into direct contact with liquid nitrogen and can avoid the risk of sample cross-contamination.

In the liquid phase, the sample is completely immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C and in direct contact with liquid nitrogen.

Two modes can be selected according to different sample requirements.

The advantage of gas phase tanks is that they are easy to use and operate, while the disadvantage is that they are more expensive to maintain.

Although the storage modes of the two are different, they also have their own merits. When choosing, you can choose a liquid phase or gas phase liquid nitrogen tank based on your own needs.

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