Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturer Serve Customers with Sincerity

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Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturer Serve Customers with Sincerity
Posting date : Mar 29, 2024
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Can blindly lowering prices retain customers? The idea of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK


A few days ago, a hydraulic cartridge valve customer from Türkiye listed more than 20 numbers to the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK, and needed the price. After several rounds of communication, he should have sensed the reliability of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK. We also wanted to retain this customer and offered two price reductions, but he still requested AAK to continue the price reduction. Otherwise, he will go to other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in China. I just asked myself a question, can blindly lowering prices really retain your customers? Obviously not.


If the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers blindly lower prices, it will only turn the current customer into a troublemaker, and at the same time, it will make the customers who previously cooperated with you feel cold. Most hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers do B-end business, which makes it easier to involve the entire market. Market prices can fluctuate freely, which poses a significant risk to hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. What should we do when a customer wants to go elsewhere?


Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers retain customers not through skills, but through sincerity. Some hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers retain customers and like to give gifts. If it doesn't work out once, they only give it 3 times. These hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers hope to express their sincerity by giving gifts. Sincerity is not expressed through words, but through actions. The gift from the manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves is a bit rough and simple. The customer's departure must have his inner thoughts. At this time, the customer hesitated about which hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer to cooperate with. He was conflicted. In the process of his entanglement, if the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer can use sincerity, what we need to consider at this time is what the customer is worried about and what they want.


Every customer's departure must have its own reasons. Before he leaves, frank consultation is necessary. Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK will ask the customer at this time: it's okay if we don't cooperate, but we would like to know the reason for the non-cooperation. You tell me, if I can do it, I will cooperate; if I can't do it, you don't have loss.


Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers need to first understand why they want to leave. Most hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers focus on pushing orders when dealing with customer relationships, especially when they are about to cooperate. They focus on how to keep this customer and how to say something that can make customer place an order. Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers rarely think about what customers really think and lack curiosity to explore. They often use the “what” methods to push orders.


Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers should serve customers with sincerity.




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