United Arab Emirates liquid phase vapor phase liquid nitrogen tank

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United Arab Emirates liquid phase vapor phase liquid nitrogen tank
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In the field of cryogenic containers, liquid nitrogen tanks play a very important role. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the functions of liquid nitrogen tanks have become more comprehensive. There are two storage modes: gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks and liquid-phase liquid nitrogen tanks. However, their working principles and usage methods are slightly different.

Among them, gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks have the advantages of preventing sample cross-infection, reducing the risk of sample tube explosion, and reducing liquid nitrogen damage. Therefore, most laboratories and scientific research institutions currently prefer to use gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks for sample storage.

Its working principle is also very simple, which is to store liquid nitrogen in a tank and use the evaporation and cooling of the liquid nitrogen to preserve the sample. At the same time, it also has high vacuum insulation technology to reduce the volatilization rate of liquid nitrogen and keep the pressure inside the tank stable.

In addition, there is a tray inside the gas phase tank. The liquid nitrogen is stored below the tray, and the sample storage space is above. This design makes good use of space.

The structure of the liquid-phase liquid nitrogen tank is different. It puts the sample directly into the liquid nitrogen so that the sample is completely submerged. The advantage of this method is that the temperature is lower and the sample can be stored for a longer period of time.

However, today's science and technology are so advanced that liquid nitrogen tanks have been used in both gas and liquid phases. For example, KGSQ's gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks and small gas-liquid phase tanks are compatible with both gas-phase and liquid-phase storage modes, allowing you to use them at any time Switch to meet different experimental needs.

In any case, both gas phase tanks and liquid phase tanks have their own advantages. The stable structure and performance of the gas phase tank can ensure the long-term storage of liquid nitrogen and can also reduce problems such as leakage and volatilization of liquid nitrogen. The liquid phase tank has the advantages of lower temperature and easy operation, which are also popular among users.

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