Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturer AAK, 3 Advantages of Equipment to Control the manifold Block quality

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Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturer AAK, 3 Advantages of Equipment to Control the ma...
Posting date : Feb 22, 2024
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Most hydraulic manifold manufacturers in Ningbo China only produce manifold blocks and do not produce hydraulic cartridge valves. The production of manifold blocks is relatively simple compared to hydraulic cartridge valves. A while ago, Tomi from Italy found hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK and hoped that we could develop a manifold block. Tomi initially hoped that the original hydraulic manifold manufacturer would develop a whole set of manifold assembly, but the manufacturer delayed time by selecting hydraulic cartridge valves. Tomi had to take remedial measures and only purchased manifold blocks from the original hydraulic manifold manufacturer, but now they have been put on hold due to the complex oil circuit and inadequate processing of the manifold blocks. Tomi realized that finding a reliable hydraulic manifold manufacturer is too important.


According to the manifold block drawing sent by Tomi, the oil circuit holes are complex and the accuracy is also high. I told Tomi that hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK can deliver the manifold blocks within 40 days. Last week, Tomi asked about the production progress of the manifold block. I estimated that due to the bad experience with the original hydraulic manifold manufacturer, he was also worried that the hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK would delay his progress. I went to the workshop to take a video of the manifold block being processed for him, so that he could feel at ease.


We have chosen Hision Precision Horizontal Machining Center for this manifold block, which adopts a three-axis three-dimensional positioning system and is equipped with a high-speed electric spindle. It is also equipped with spindle bearings and gearbox cooling devices, which not only improves lubrication efficiency but also avoids errors caused by thermal deformation of the spindle box, providing assurance for the accuracy of the valve hole. At the same time, the equipment adopts a hydraulic tool changing system, which can achieve fast and automatic tool changing and solve complex valve hole machining. The equipped CNC system can be intelligently controlled, ensuring the machining accuracy and progress of manifold blocks.


Hydraulic manifold manufacturer AAK in China, equipment 3 advantages, 2 guarantees, you are welcome to try a small order!


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